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Clothing Trends in La


Fashion is a very dynamic culture, and as it continues to evolve, LA’s designers continue to churn out trendy new fashions. Fabrications, prints and cuts all have contributed to LA’s clothing.
The feminine silhouettes of the 1930’s and 50’s have come to invade LA’s clothing trends of today. The most common trend being tops with graphic black and white plays of old Hollywood screen images. Little lace dresses are in vogue as always. Though, variations have been made in the dress being made more see-through as well as adding an elegant touch to the strapless gowns. Clean lines are the trendiest in LA clothing right now especially bold graphic patterns with clean silhouettes and contrasts of black and white. Clean lines in La clothing not only add a modern and clean look but also add en element of being chic to the LA people.LA clothing is currently highlighted by very flirty and curvaceous peplums and silhouettes. Vintage looks are very much in by keeping the whole Hollywood theme in mind. Ruffles and deep necklines are also very much in fashion in La clothing especially in evening gowns. These ruffles and flirty hemming add a flirtatiously feminine touch to LA clothing for women.


There is also a massive coloured denim craze in LA clothing and further additions to this trend have been made by giving them a print treatment. In addition to this patchwork patterns have been added to these coloured jeans to add oomph to them. Leggings with metallic touched are also very much prevalent in LA clothing. LA designers have created diverse options from a plain white palette too. Stretchable leather shorts are also quite popular in LA clothing. In fact leather is to be found everywhere in LA clothing, from Moto jackets to leggings to dresses. In contrast to the textured leather, sheer fabrics are also very much in vogue. Transparent fabrics revealing skin as well as transparently layered lingerie pieces are also dominating the LA clothing scene.


Metallics are perhaps the greatest trend in LA clothing. They are to be found everywhere from tones in sequined dresses to metallic toned boots. Infact metallic is the new black all over LA. Jewelled and coloured tones are an otherwise exception to the bold black and white silhouette trends. Bright jewel tones add an extra touch to LA clothing.
High waisted pants and pleated crunched up looks are also quite in vogue with tops scrunched up at the waist or tiny silk and leather shorts. In addition to this broad shoulders and architectural structures have been created by LA’s designers that transform the simplistic dresses to futuristic looking designs.

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Perhaps the prime focus in LA clothing right now is the attention on more feminine and silhouette dark tones. Simple and wearable clothing like shorts and coloured patterned leggings and denim coupled with dramatic shoulders and metallic treatments to the overall look define LA clothing. In addition to this fabrics are patterned, colourful and graphic in appearance. Today LA clothing is an amalgamation of 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Old trends have been used to highlight the silhouette look of LA clothing and Hollywood themes are especially in vogue.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/30/2012
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