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Clothing Trends For the Trench Coat


The latest trend in fashion is that of trench coats.Trench coat clothing is a necessary item for the wardrobe. It may be worn in the cool weather or during moderate weather. Trench coat clothing may alter in lengths over different jeans.Trench coats maybe thigh length or waist length according to the occasion. Trench coat clothing maybe endorsed while travelling or during a casual day out, even on top of an evening wear.
Thomas Burberry is the original creator of designing a fabric called gabardine in the 1870s. This was a unique woollen material that had the capability to repel water, and resistant to materials like water, while remaining \ well-ventilated enough for the wearer to be comfortable and cool. This material is what became popular for making trench coats later on through the ages.


The recent trench coat clothing trend is towards bright colours. Trench coats with polka dots or in bright neon colours such as orange, yellow and even in colours like pink and purple.Draker skinned people should go for deeper colours like red or purple while fair skinned people would look best if they wear colours like yellow.Trench coat clothing’s new trends have replaced the demure and simple tan look of boring old coats with a more bubbly look of bright coloured trench coats.Trench coat clothing may have altering lengths of not only the coat itself but also of the sleeves. Some trench coats come with or without sleeves. Trench coat clothing trends include the use of belts or waist-cincher and companies like Burberry and Marc have produced beautiful contrasting belts that match these trench clothes.Trench coat clothing involves the use of bright buttons or contrasting darker buttons over single toned coats.


The latest trend showing up in trench coat clothing is the use of metallic tones in their colour. especially silver and bronze. The metallic colors really add to the evening look and add a bit of formalness to the trench coat itself. Most of the women today are opting for metallic colors in silk and numerous other materials to wear on their night outs especially when going to parties. These tones add a bit of a sparkle to evening gowns and this is why they are highly popular now.

Trench coat clothing ensures the person to leave a fashion statement as it is a cheap yet stylish fashion statement. These coats may be worn by anyone who wishes to stay warm or showcase their fun personality side. One should consider that trench coats should not go beyond the knee length as then they might get drowned in the overall look of the coat.

Tips and comments

Big busted women should always avoid double breasted trench coats as they add to the weight.Also brightly coloured trench coat clothing needs to be played down by wearing neutral coloured pants beneath the coat such as black and white.This ensures a classy look rather than a tacky one.Trench coat clothing is an ideal investment as its lasts for seasons and adds immensely to the look.Trench coat clothing is ideal for skinny people as it adds layers to their otherwise boring winter outfit.They are ideal for transitional weather and may be worn by all kinds of people.

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