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How To Store Women's Summer Clothing


Storing your women's summer clothing is not a hard thing to do, but it is essential if you want your clothes looking good for the next summer to come. Storing your women's summer clothes can protect them from damage from the elements, bugs, and dirt and grime. Your clothes can stay looking like brand new if you will follow the following five tips to store your beautiful summer collection. Make sure that you store those summer clothes properly so that you do not have to buy a whole new wardrobe next summer!

Step 1

The first step to storing your women's summer clothing is to make sure that it is clean. You should wash the clothing before you store it. Check each garment for any stains and work to remove them before you store them. Some items can appear clean and then when you go to pull them out of storage, the stain has manifested. Make sure that you thoroughly wash each item as directed by the manufacturer. Remove all stains and thoroughly dry each item with fabric softener. This will keep them nice and fresh for the next summer.

Step 2

Once your clothes are nice and dry, you will want to iron them. I know this seems like needless work, but if you iron them now, they will be more crisp and ready to wear once you pull them out of storage. This will keep your women's summer clothing looking much nicer than if you just throw them into a box. Make sure that you crisply iron your garments. You can add starch to give them a little more staying power and wrinkle resistance. Once you have ironed each piece, it is time to fold them.

Step 3

Make sure that you fold your women's summer clothing correctly. You do not want to go and undo all the hard work you just put into ironing. This is the time to carefully and methodically fold each piece to get them nice and neatly folded in as compact an order as possible. This will save you room in storage and give a better look to your clothes once they are removed from the storage area. You won't them to look like they were just freshly ironed when you remove them to wear them next summer. Taking some extra time now, will ensure that they look great!

Step 4

Once you have all of your women's summer clothing folded, it is time to consider what method of storage will work best for your items. I recommended storage bags for any swim suits. This will keep them from getting lost in the amount of clothes and will keep them together in their proper pairs. Use one bag per swim suit and make sure that you label each bag so that you know what is inside. Make sure that the bags are tightly closed to prevent mold, dust, and bugs from entering in.

Step 5

A good plastic storage bin is what you need to ensure that your women's summer clothing is protected for a whole year. Make sure that your plastic bin is free of dust, moisture, and bugs. Make sure that you start with a very pristine clean bin so that your clothing will not be stained or damaged. Carefully stack each piece into the bin. Then you will need to add some silica gel packs to the bin to keep moisture at bay. This will keep your women's summer clothing from mildew. You can also add some softener sheets to keep the clothing smelling fresh and clean. This is a nice touch. Make sure that you seal the bin carefully to prevent dust, bugs, and other debris from entering into the bin. This will keep your clothing safe until you are ready to wear it again.


Make sure the clothes are clean and free of stains.

Iron your clothes.

Store your women's summer clothing carefully.

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By David Scott, published at 03/30/2012
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