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Clothing has always played an integral part of one’s personality, especially for those who are famous and are idolised by hundreds and millions of fans all across the globe. One such celebrity who has inspired a large number of the generation of today is none other than the rapper Juicy J with his clothing. Having a typical rapper style in all walks of life, Juicy J has been dominating his sense of style varying from one occasion to another. His clothing takes a step up whenever he is seen on the red carpet, it is sleek and stylish when seen on gatherings, shoots and shows, while he wears it cool and casual when he sings and goes around the world.


Originally known as Jordan Michael Houston, Juicy J was brought to this world of music on the 5 of April 1975. Making his mark on the rap cycle due to his unique crunk style with a variation of background sound effects given by himself, he made it to the top. Being the present day academy award winner, the record producer of Memphis and Tennessee as well as the co-founder of triple Six Mafia, Juicy J has not only made it to the music scene but has also grabbed the attention of the loose paparazzi on the streets to catch a glimpse of what his clothing looks like. After successful career for such a long period of time, mister j has become one of the style icons of our youth to look up to in order to adopt his laidback style.


To know all about the clothing of Juicy J, we will categorize this wardrobe into three main sections which include: casual, smart casual and formal wear. Taking off with this celebrity’s casual clothing, we find out that Juicy J has been seen wearing a pair of dark coloured baggy jeans or a classic Levi fit jeans teamed up with a basic crew neck t shirt speaking out from its graphic. Oversized hoods, p caps and his elaborate watch are also part of his style to complete this casual look. Followed by this, his smart casual look is just another story where you see this rapper dressed in a smart pair of jeans coupled with two-piece collar shirt tucked out of a basic sweater. Moreover, a neat finish scarf is also seen endorsed by the rapper at several occasions with its bold branded prints. Lastly, the formal look comprises of the man dressed to impress. With big drama on the red carpet, J’s clothing is transformed from a laidback artist to a popping clean cut style. He mostly wears off his formal style in a pricy tailored suit and tags along his diamonds on his teeth to bring out the x factor.

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In order to find out more about the clothing and style of Juicy J, you can always consider searching for his personal style on any search engine or log on to his official website to get up close with his clothing trends. You can also look up for numerous Juicy J fan sites that will be offering a bundle of pictures of him from anywhere to everywhere that he has ever been seen at.

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