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About Firetrap Brand Clothing

Published at 04/04/2012 16:31:43


Firetrap, a local British brand dealing in denim clothes and accessories was initially established in the year 1991. Earlier, their product line was restricted to selling premium denim menswear as well as accessories. However, with the increasing demands of their products worldwide and their unique designs that drove youngsters crazy, the brand started manufacturing the finest Firetrap clothing for both men and women.


Today, Firetrap stands as one of the best brands within the World Design and Trade Company (WDT) and is defined by terms like creative, eccentric and versatile. After mastering the maverick elements of classic and retro styles, the designers of Firetrap clothing have switched over to contemporary styles. Recently, they’ve introduced a wide collection made up of innovative clothes and accessories to add to them.

Firetrap clothing has surfaced as an prominent garment at London Fashion Week and other similar fashion shows and modeling platforms. Because of its wonderful products, the company currently stands as one of the leading brands in the global fashion industry.

Also, Firetrap clothing is sold in approximately 1,500 retail outlets distributed over 30 countries, with the UK, Dubai, France, the United States and Italy being the major ones. Their expert designers take inspiration from the latest street culture and effectively blend it with different colors and designs to produce the best garments. Hence, they’re not only popular amongst kids and teenagers but adults as well.


Although the specialization of Firetrap was confined to denim jeans for men only, later on, denim started being used for stitching jackets, coats, shirts, caps and wrist bands. Nowadays, this linen is artistically being used to prepare top quality Firetrap clothing and accessories for both the sexes, keeping in mind the individual style statement and requirements.

Numerous factors contribute to the immense popularity of Firetrap clothing. Some come reasons are versatility, comfort and a huge collection. Almost all of the outfits and accessories are available in wide ranging shades, designs, linen and textures. The seasoned fashion designers keep updating their stocks from time to time. Hence, whenever you’re shopping for Firetrap garments, you can be confident that you’ll get the latest piece in the market.

Apart from being convenient to wear, Firetrap clothing is tailored to keep up its fine texture. The tailors make sure that whatever may be the age group of the wearer, the dress shall look stylish and cool on his or her frame. In the present era, when everyone wants to incorporate the latest trends in their lifestyle, getting clothes that maintain a cosmopolitan aura is the prime priority for fashion worshippers. Firetrap grants them this wish.

Tips and comments

The best thing about Firetrap clothing is that you can easily mix and match it up with different belts, purses, hats, jewelry pieces, watches, boots and tops to complement your look. They bring out your personality in the best possible manner. Additionally, with the advent of the concept of online shopping, their products are available on almost all the leading online stores on the Internet. In short, if you wish to transform your wardrobe and bring in the hottest collection of this season, you can count on Firetrap.