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Choosing the Best Clothing in Size 14 To Make Yourself Look Thinner

Published at 04/03/2012 20:08:11


Clothing styles and sizes can vary, in today's market there are thousands of different styles, colors, sizes available for clothes. The brands today are present in a great number indeed. These brands have to offer you with great design for your clothes along with the best comfort for you. Choosing the right design and color depends on you, how you would like it to be. However, choosing the size is very common, as the clothing size 14 is far by the most worn size. However, not because the sizes are limited, the major reason for wearing this clothing size 14 is for making yourself look thinner than you actually are in other sizes.

Now considering as a woman being called fat is the last thing they want to hear, a lot of women are currently facing issues about their weight and we all know it isn't really easy to lose some extra pounds in a flash or something. However, this doesn't mean that the lady cannot flatter herself, she can wear clothing size 14 which makes her look slimmer and thinner. However, before choosing clothing size 14 make sure you are not just trying to fit in something which clearly doesn't fit you and also don't get something that drapes over you like a curtain as well. We all want to find such clothes which make us look pretty, beautiful and actually thin. The clothes which will make us look as fabulous as possible.


Not only the size 14 matters in when it comes to choosing the right clothing for yourself, the colors also seem to affect the appearance of one. Black is known to be the best color for everyone as it suites everyone and makes them look slimmer by creating an illusion of slimness. There are a lot of ways to wear black and it also is indeed a very fashionable color. Black is considered fashionable is such sense that almost everything can game along with the color black. After creating a sense of color now it comes to the print on your clothing size 14. Prints create optical illusions more than the color itself does, this prevents an person from seeing clearly whatever lies underneath. The prints make it difficult to create a vivid image of flabs and fats in your head because the various shapes and colors make the fabric perplexing to analyze.

Tips and comments

The right fabric can play a huge part in looking slimmer in your activewear. Look for a good stretchy fabric in the appropriate size 14, which offers good support, this will be a good way to go. Along with the fabric material a well cut piece of active wear will make you look like you have lost weight instantly, the top activewear brands do this automatically, so make sure you are buying well-known activewear brands for yourself. If you are thinking of buying your clothing which has stripes on it, well it is suggested that you do not make this decision as horizontal stripes appear to make you look fatter, where as vertical stripes have said to be a substitute but it is better you get some other good print in clothing size 14.