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How To Make Mens Clothing From Jeans Material


An increasing trend is moving towards the ‘do it yourself’ attitude. The recessionary economic period and the ever accelerating inflationary rate are only few of the factors that have compelled people to ponder over doing think themselves rather than buying them from the market at a higher cost. Most have realized that they can save a great deal in clothing and can make mens jeans clothing themselves. The thing about the mens jeans clothing is that it is more durable and sustainable not to mention the ease with which it can be molded into all sorts of styles.

Step 1

Firstly, you should make a rough sketch in your mind of the kind of clothing you want. Try fitting in denim in it and check whether this placement would actually look appealing. An added advantage of mens jeans clothing is that they are extremely versatile and can be teamed up with just about anything. So yes, when you make the rough sketch, you can try placing different colors on top of it and you shall be amused by the appeal they create. I suppose that the great majority of you would want to make a pair of denim jeans out of the jeans material. So let’s discuss further on how to achieve that end.

Step 2

Next up, browse through a series of patterns to add onto your mental image of the mens jeans clothing. You can easily find pictures on websites of companies such as Burda, Vogue, Butterick and Simplicity. These websites also provide a guideline for you to follow along with the amount of cloth required for each type of design.

Step 3

Once you are clear of the patterns you want on the mens jeans clothing, come to the style you desire for the jeans. Denim jeans’ styles comprise of slim straight, boot cut, straight and slim boot.

Step 4

When you are pretty sure of the type of outlay you are looking for, start searching for the fabric you would want to use in your mens jeans clothing. The major types of jeans fabric comprise of the raw form, the salvage form and the organic form. The raw form of the jeans material is one that is susceptible to washing unless you have worn it a million times. This is so because it is unprocessed after it comes out of the loom. The salvage form is the tougher form of the jeans and lasts a very long period. Lastly, the organic form is one that has been made with ‘pure’ cotton- one that did not have any pesticides sprayed on it.

Step 5

So you have the fabric, you are clear about your design- What next? Jump onto the stitching of the jeans. Be careful when you are cutting the fabric as the slightest mistake can lead to disasters. The mens jean clothing will serve your purpose best if it is made of your own size. So keep a check and sew it on!


Henceforth, with increasing subsistence and the desire to look and feel exclusive, more and more consumers are willing to purchase mens jeans clothing so that they can cater to their needs themselves. If you are amongst them, utilize the mens jeans clothing as aforementioned and enjoy the attention! Good luck!

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By Sidra Rana, published at 04/05/2012
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