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How To Determine Neck Size For Clothing


When you are trying to figure out your neck clothing size, it can be difficult to know exactly how to figure so that your shirt collars fit correctly. It is so important to know your proper size so that you can wear shirts properly and not have issues with the neck or collar being too tight or too loose. This can cause you to not be able to wear the clothing and end up having it sit in your closet or drawer, gathering dust. There is no need to have issues with your clothing fitting around the neck properly if you know your size.

Step 1

If you have the ability, you can have a tailor measure you. This is the absolute best way to get an accurate measurement for your neck clothing. The tailor can assist you in being measured and can even custom create clothing to fit your neck, no matter what size that you might be. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you are measured carefully and correctly. A tailor is an expert in measuring the body for clothing and they can truly be very helpful in this area. The tailor will charge a fee for their services, but a measurement of the neck is usually a very minimal charge.

Step 2

If you are not able to hire a tailor to measure your neck clothing, you can get the help from a trusted friend or family member. It is somewhat difficult to measure your neck yourself, so if you can get the help of a friend, that can truly help. This helps you get a more accurate measurement without so much effort. A good friend can help guide the measuring tape so that the proper measurement can be taken down. This will help you be able to have the proper neck clothing size so that your shirt collars are not too lare or too small.

Step 3

When you need a neck clothing measurement, you need to be sure that you measure correctly. You should use a flexible measuring tape and begin measuring at the fullest part of your neck. This will ensure that you get the proper measurement so that you can buy the proper sizes of shirt collars. This can also be important when you want to buy a necklace. This will help you so much in your quest to get the very best measurement of your neck possible.

Step 4

Once you have your neck clothing measurement, you can refer to a good clothing measurement chart so that you can know your proper size of clothing. This will help you be able to buy clothing with collars without having any issues in getting them to fit properly. This will help so much as you are trying to find the correct neck clothing size options that you have. It can be very uncomfortable to try and wear a shirt that has too tight of a collar. If you are careful to be measured correctly, you won't have this issue.

Step 5

Having the proper neck clothing measurement is crucial to looking your best in any outfit. This will keep you from having wardrobe issues and make you look polished and sharp. Getting your neck measured is so quick and easy and you should not have any issues as long as you either have a tailor measure you or you get the help of a friend. Neck clothing measurements only take a short time to carry out. This is truly the best way to not only choose clothing off of the rack, but to also have your clothing custom made. This way, you will know your correct measurements and have no issues when it comes to purchasing clothing in the correct neck clothing size.


Get a tailor to measure you.

Get assistance from a friend.

Measure at the fullest part of your neck.

Use a measuring chart to know your size.

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