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How To Care For Harley Davidson Clothing


Harley Davidson clothing is one of the most famous clothing brands which provide quality product to its customers. Harley Davidson clothing offers huge variety of clothing for men, women and kids. People love to wear Harley Davidson clothes. It contains long range of clothes from leather jackets, vests, gloves, chaps & pants, sleepwear & underwear to jackets boats & shoes and rain gear.

Step 1

Harley Davidson clothing is of high quality but they required some care to maintain their quality and shine. There are some tips which can help for the caring of Harley Davidson clothes. Among boys Harley Davidson Jackets are very famous. Leather jackets are very stylish and durable and with proper care they can last for years. First of all one should read the instructions written on jacket label. Don’t use the materials that can affect the shine, fabric and quality of leather jackets. Always ensure that the leather jacket is dry as it’s difficult to remove water stains from jackets. To maintain the natural shape of fabric, always hang leather Jacket.

Step 2

Usually people think that T-shirts fabric cannot maintain its shine and whiteness for a long time. Harley Davidson T-shirts are of high quality, and if proper measurements can be taken, they can last for 3-4 summers. Wash the T-shirts in warm water, not use hot water as hot water can shrink the T-shirts fabric. To maintain the whiteness of clothes don’t put them in colored clothes during washing. You can use fabric softener and fabric whitener, in order to avoid wrinkles and to maintain the whiteness of T-shirts.

Step 3

Harley Davidson clothing offers variety of chaps. These include chaps made from chromium salt tanned and vegetable tanned leather. Chromium salt tanned chaps can be washed in washing machines but vegetable tanned chaps cannot clean in washing machines. Before washing of chaps must remove the visible stains on chap and close zips of chaps. Use well quality cleaning detergent in order to wash chaps. Use fabric softener for chap. After washing, unzip the chap and put it in a place out of direct sunlight.

Step 4

Harley Davidson clothing have fabulous range of gloves, including women’s FXRG gauntlet glove, leather gloves, classic fingerless gloves, full fingers gloves, and dual source heated gloves and many more. To keep the gloves clean and new must dry clean the gloves after two or three weeks.

Step 5

To remove any sticky stain you can use damp rag. To clean the insides of gloves, flip the gloves inside out. For leather gloves, leather cleaner spray and conditioner can be used. If you are not using gloves, put the gloves in a drawer or any other place, in order to avoid stains.


Rain gears in beautiful colors and variety are provided by Harley Davidson clothing. For men and women there are different styles for rain gear. There are lots of products available for washing of rain gears. Choose the one which is suitable for the stuff of you rain gear. It’s not difficult to wash rain gears. Don’t use the thick liquids that can leave stains on rain gears. Don’t wash rain gear in washing machine; wash it by your hands. Then dry it in a breeze.


Harley Davidson clothing are of high quality and best fabric. If you read all the instructions, then no doubt that you can have new clothes for years. Must apply all instructions and tips, in order to keep your clothes new and nice.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/05/2012
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