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Clothing is a term which we meant covering you in the past but now it has a different meaning in this world of immense modernization. There are many types of clothes for women that were different for one century and totally different for another. The womens dresses are the most modest forms of attires. They look really good once you put them on. There are many new variations that have been made in the womens clothing, especially dresses. There are also different clothes for women living in different parts of the world and there are also a few clothes which are worn by women living in every part of the world like the common dresses. Women living in Europe as well as the women living in Asia, all find dresses very wearable.


There is a vast history of clothing and textile and a wider history that describes the different cultures and different traditions and the different variations to the womens dresses. The dresses for women have varied in their lengths as well as in their styles.


There are many new types of womens dresses that have been introduced. There was the time when women used to wear really long dresses which covered their ankles, as they were not allowed to show their ankles in the early 15th and 16th century. It was considered unethical to wear dresses that showed women’s ankles. The women’s dresses also comprised of the really long sleeves which were a part of the Renaissance clothing for women. These sleeves had further variations like there were the ones which were puffy, there were also the ones which were really big and many others. The styles of dresses have changed so much now. When women started working that is after World War 2, women gained a lot of respect, they fought for their rights and earned them the dignity and power to walk at par with men. It is from that time onwards that the dresses for women have changed drastically. The dresses have become a little short now, its not that long dresses are out of fashion, the long dresses are also still in fashion. The long dresses mostly give the impact of a more formal look. They are also worn on formal occasions like on weddings or on prom nights. The shorter dresses however give the idea of a semi formal or a casual occasion. There are also many other styles that have occurred. The various styles include the strapless frocks and the strapless tight shirts which are worn in the same style as the frocks. The puffy half sleeves are once again very much in style. There are other types of patterns that are drawn on the shirts and they are so much in style nowadays. These patterns include either the printed or the painted dresses or the embroidered dresses. The trend of just a single flower on the dress is also in style and is being by many designers in their clothes.

Tips and comments

Womens dresses are the way they express themselves. If a woman wears a dress that is not decorated in the newest style describes her to be dull and boring but if a women wears clothing of vibrant colors which are very well decorated then it describes her, that she is very jolly and full of life. So always design your dresses according to your personality.

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