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What To Wear Under Your Clothing To Keep Warm


Winter comes with a flurry of snow and a breeze of chilled air turning the thoughts toward building snowmen and snow angels, drinking hot chocolate cocoa at night and to go skiing, tubing and snowboarding during the almost arctic weather. However, in order to truly enjoy this bleak and gelid season, one needs to be prepared appropriately to have a few cozy nights and warm days. Under clothing is a set of clothe items worn under the regular clothes to provide support, shape and to prevent the bodily secretions soiling the clothes. These under clothing, if rightly chosen, can be worn under your clothes to ensure overall warmth of the body on an icy winter day.


Under clothing have been worn for over 7000 years by men. The loincloth is a first form of undergarment known to be worn in the ancient history. In hot climates, it was simply the only clothe item to cover the body, In colder times, it served as an underwear with several other outer layers of garments. Loincloths were replaced by the braies, codpieces and chausses in Middle Ages, which were loose fitting underwears worn by men. On the upper part of the body, both men and women used to wear chemise, smock or shifts under their attires, often along with petticoats and corsets. Eighteenth century saw the inventions like spinning jenny machines and cotton gin which resulted in the widespread availability of cotton. People began buying the undergarments from markets rather than making them at homes. In twentieth century, boxers and brassieres were largely designed in the 1930s. After the World War Two, fashion industry was reborn and since then underclothing has become a symbol of fashion and sex appeal.


Staying warm in ice cold winters is a necessity to ensure both comfort and health. Different kinds of under clothing is often worn in layers in winters. The secret is to wear several thin layers of under clothing beneath your apparel rather than just a single or a couple of thick layers. This guarantees an insulation to the body by trapping heat within the clothes to keep you comfortably warm and the method keeps the sweat and moisture away as well. Start with a good quality base layer which is the layer next to the skin. It makes up an essential part of your winter wardrobe. It usually consists of an underwear. Long Johns are a two piece thermal underwear with long legs and sleeves normally for winter use. They are made of either cotton or wool blend and replace the traditional pajamas in the cold weather. It is wise not use cotton material in base layer as it absorbs sweat and can cause chills. Next comes the mid layer which comprises ideally of a woolen sweater and a fleece. The shell layer is the effective outermost layer. Sweater, fleeces and jackets are the usual items worn in a shell layer. Consider proper ventilation to prevent the buildup of sweat. Wear a snow and water proof trousers or ski pants on your legs and cover the extremities with gloves and socks.

Tips and comments

Boots, hats, goggles and down jackets may be needed if you are on skiing trip. Kids are more sensitive to cold and must be adequately protected. Cover their heads and neck with scarves and woolen hats. Sensible layering not only provides snug comfort but also keeps you healthy.

By Sultan Khan, published at 04/05/2012
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