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How To Find a Fashion Women

How to identify fashion women


Fashion refers to the practice or style in accessories, foot wear and clothing. Fashion is anything that is trending currently in terms of dressing and looks of a person. Women are known to be more conscious of their looks than men. They are therefore more interested in fashion and design as compared to men. Women have to find the right attire and accessories to wear to work, parties and even at home. However, some of them do not know how to go about it. For you to identify a fashion woman here are some of the things to look out for.

Step 1

Fashion women do not follow fashion slavishly.

It is definitely fun to keep up with the current trends in fashion but what some women do not understand is that the current trends all not meant for everyone. Not everything suits everyone. Some women end up pulling out weird looks just in the name of following fashion. Fashion women do not follow every single item that is currently trending.

Step 2

Fashion women know what suits their body type.

Some women either wear clothes that are too revealing, too baggy or too tight. This is because they have not explored their bodies. They do not know what fits best where. Know the type of your figure, seek a second opinion or visit a shop you trust. Women who are fashionable wear clothes that fit them well and those that suit them.

Step 3

Fashion women clear out their wardrobes.

Women are known to be window-shoppers and impulse buyers. They shop for clothes and accessories that they may end up not putting on. They make their wardrobes end up being filled with clothes and shoes, some of which are just occupying space for nothing. A fashion woman is one who sorts out that which she does wear, from that which she does not. If you have not worn something for more than an year, just let it go. Be sure that whatever is in your wardrobe is that which you will actually wear.

Step 4

Fashion women do fashion experiments.

By now, a fashion woman has already identified her body type and taste in fashion. She has already made some fashion rules for herself. It is now time to experiment with new things. Try out what looks good on you, take pictures and have a look in the mirror

Step 5

Fashion women try to resist impulse buying but they try it on.

Some women run late for work and they do not know what to wear, others have a house party and they are confused on what to wear. If you find a woman who is resisting buying something but eventually tries it on, that is a fashion woman.

Step 6

Fashion women do not go by the size written on the label.

Most of these sizes written on the label do not necessarily mean that only a woman that size can wear it. Some of them are made differently. It is best if you ignore the size written there and try it out. Do not just leave it because it is written size 10 and you are a size 8. Who knows? It may just fit you perfectly.

Step 7

Fashion Women Shop smart.

It is every woman’s temptation to buy that which they come across in the malls, as long as it is pleasing to their eyes. A fashion woman is one who plans for her shopping. One who has a budget on how much she is willing to spend.


Fashion is also about the women’s attitude and confidence. You may be dressed in something extremely fashionable but you do not feel smart. Or you wear something short and trendy but you keep pulling it down so that it does not reveal too much. The moment you do all this, the people you come across will not admire the fashion in you, because you have killed your confidence which is everything when it comes to fashion. Go for fashionable items, be confident and you will pull out the look of a fashionable woman.

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