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Before getting into details of fashion in film industry; we will first discuss what is the term fashion? And what is the term Film Industry? Fashion is a term used for some style which is especially in clothing, shoes, or accessories. It is the term which is in the current trend. The most popular term in fashion is the costumes or clothing. Clothing refers to the costumes and fabrics etc. Fashion industry is a modern age product. Most of the clothing was custom made in mid of 19th century. It can be either handmade or ordered to the dressmakers or tailors. Clothing has come to the mass-production, which is available in different sizes but sold at same and fixed prizes. In clothing there can be any material used like cotton, rayon, polyester, spandex and many more. These materials can be used in combinations also or you may have blend of these materials or different styles. There can be any type of images or colors of the clothing styles. They can either use embroidery on the fabric or the fabric can be woven. They can either use silk or any other material or style. The technology has been increased as new sewing machines are used; there is a rise in global capitalism and factory system development is being increased. Fashion remains in trend for 1 to 3 years. After that duration it is replaced by some other fashion trend. There comes many changes in fashion after some time and it is difficult to adopt that change.


The fashion industry was being developed in America and Europe firstly. This industry is an international industry and highly globalized. It is manufactured in one country and sold in multiple countries. There are four levels in the fashion industry. 1. “Raw material production” in which there is leather, fur, fibres and textiles. 2. “Fashion goods production” in which there are goods provided by designers, contractors and manufacturers. 3. “Retail sales production” 4. “Advertising and Promotion Production” There are many interdependent sectors in these levels.


The film industry has provoked fashion in such a way that fashion has achieved its goals. Fashion and film industry are bit incestuous in a relationship. Fashion in film industries is being used from many years. They are co-related to each other. On red carpet fashion is considered to be the hot topic. Fashion in Film industry is very common. Most of the designers are inspired by the Hollywood and it is also said that Hollywood is inspired by most of the fashion designers. There is a symbolic relationship between fashion and film industry and Jazz age is the evidence of this relationship. The art and entertainment is promoted through fashion in film industry. Fashion in film industry can play a big role in the economic situations of the country.

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Fashion in Film industry is considered to be an exhibition and research which was based at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. It was founded in 2005; fashion in film festival is the showcase for fashion and film.

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