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The Best Fashion Design Company

Published at 03/02/2012 21:33:58


The Best Fashion Design Company

Fashion is an integral part of our live whether we accept it or deny it. We all want to look good as well as stylish. This can be achieved by proper dressing sense, which makes you comfortable as well as cool. There is no magic trick to look good. You must consider your body type skin tone, height and various other attributes, before choosing a design fashion clothes. There are many companies which specialize in design fashion clothes. Below we are going to discuss about 5 best innovative design fashion companies. It will surely help you next time in choosing the best design fashion clothes.

famous companies

Burberry: One of the most recognized companies in the fashion designing industry. It’s a 150 years old company, which has breathed new life under the new CEO Angela Ahrendts. She completely changed the functioning of the company and made them among the best luxury brands. Their design fashion clothes are classy and you will love them. They are also net savvy as they were the first one to live-stream their catwalk, which was watched all over the world by fashion enthusiasts. They also take order from iPads. Chinese shoppers are among the top purchasers of Burberry.

Opening Ceremony: They are among the first one to showcase different designer’s work from all over the world. It was established in the year 2002 and since then they have came a long way. Each year they also show design fashion clothes, highlighting a particular country. It was first started in New York and due to tremendous success they have also opened stores in Tokyo and Los Angeles. They also boast about 4 million monthly visitors. Celebrities like Spike Jonze are also associated with them. Their biggest accomplishment is their unique collections.

more companies

RentTheRunway: Started as a small website, which offered handbags and dresses, it now boasts about 800,000 members and has built a strong relationship with them. It has more than 120 designer’s brands that include Nina Ricci and Alice Olivia. They are known for their huge collection of design fashion clothes. Their revenue for the fiscal year of 2011 was about $22 millions. This shows their popularity among the people.

J.Crew: They are known for their beautiful and affordable design fashion clothes. Their first store was located in New York and since then they have opened many boutiques. Recently, they also launched their e-commerce site for Madewell, which is targeted for the women. They also opened online store with which they can connect with people, who are very keen to try their new design but unfortunately, it is only opens on weekends.

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Createthe Group: It used to help big name luxury brands maker such as Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch and various other online firms, to help them create a strong presence on the web. With a great technical team, it now offers big companies with advertising. They are not traditionally into design fashion clothes but have made other big companies increase their revenue. They are an important part of the fashion industry, but many people don’t recognize their contribution in fashion world.