Tips on Teen Fashions
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Tips on Teen Fashions

Published at 02/29/2012 18:07:35


Tips on Teen Fashions

It is important to stay ahead of the trends. This is what fashions are all about. Being fashionable does not always require you to splurge on expensive designer clothes. These clothes cost a fortune and are not always affordable. However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot follow the current fashions. There are many ways to create a sophisticated, elegant and stylish look. Below are some tips on teen fashions.

Step 1

Know your face: Your face is the first thing that people notice about you. Thus, it is important to keep your face in prime condition – always. Fashions begin with a beautiful, well cared face. Do not apply too much make up onto your face. This causes the skin to become rough. Abrasions start spearing on the skin and it loses it glow and allure. A bit of eyeliner, lip stick and moisturizer will take your skin a long way. Applying too much make up will make you appear older. It might also make you look amoral. If you are male, then forget all about makeup but apply some moisturizer as this will help you to keep your skin healthy.

Hairstyle: fashions are all about finding the perfect combination of different styles which create a brilliant aesthetic effect. A good hairstyle can do wonders to your look. This involves knowing your face and then selecting a hairstyle that is best suited to you. If your face is broad then go for a hairstyle which frames your face to make it appear longer. This will balance out the symmetry of your face. Similarly, if your face is long then you may go for a fluffed up look with more volume to create a rounded effect. A trendy hairstyle will help you to stay abreast the contemporary fashions. You will be amazed at the responses you will get if only you follow these first two steps.

Step 2

Clothes: Understand that clothes are just a component of fashions. Fashions do not simply comprise of buying as many clothes as you can. Clothes are just a part of the whole picture. Buy clothes that suit your body style. Do not be over adventurous with this. Experiment with different combinations to find your comfort zone. The practice of mixing and matching will let you come up with a wide variety of outfits with just a few basic items of clothing.

Accessories: This is perhaps the most neglected part of fashions. Accessories give you that elusive, sophisticated, desirable look that you have always wanted. A hat adds a completely different character to your image. A scarf or a bandana can make a huge difference in your style. Be yourself when it comes to choosing accessories. Perfumes, bracelets and watches further compliment your clothing and facial features – but only if they are chosen in accordance with your style of dressing. Make sure to use footwear that is comfortable and in accordance with your outfit.


Fashions are all about maintaining the integrity of a particular look. This does not mean that you must be afraid to experiment. Try everything in moderation and identify what suits you best. Your image must convey your attitude and your personality to the world.