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What To Wear With Designer Fashion Bags


Fashion is synonymous with style, and style means getting dressed in the outfit which complements the wearer's personality as well as the occasion. Many fashion stores have opened throughout the world in order to satisfy the needs of every individual and give them the type of outfits they want.

A Fashion Statement - Designer Bags

Designer bags are really a fashion statement, and nowadays it has become very essential to have a designer bag for every occasion if you want a style image. Hand bags have become so important that special designer shops have opened which solely cater to the needs of the hand bags shoppers. Hand bags are like purses with strings and come in many shapes and colors and varieties. Gucci bags are known to be one of the best brands for hand bags. Hand bags can be small or large. Colors range from black to red to gold and many others. Hence, a huge variety can be seen in hand bags.


A ladies outfit is incomplete without a bag that matches the dress and shoes to go along with the dress. For many occasions, one finds hand bags which are really alluring and trendy. But, when we go for buying handbags, they should complement the outfits we wear or else it becomes just a fashion gimmick.

Hence, it is essential to have a matching hand bag with the dress you wear. First of all, the color combination is quite essential. The hand bag should complement the color of the dress. If they both contradict each other than the overall ensemble looks quite out of the box, a classy combination is essential for the dress and the hand bag along with the shoes.

Sometimes, the problem arises that you have a very trendy hand bag and you need to decide what dress will go with the hand bag. It may be a Gucci or any other well-known hand bag brand. What goes along with this bag? Well, it all depends on the occasion you are dressing up for. A cocktail party would demand a full-length dress that fits the lady and makes her look chic and trendy. The dress should be preferably matching the color your hand bag and so should the shoes. Of course, contrasting colors look great; red complements black very well and gold complements black too.

Looking good does depend on how you feel. Hand bags, shoes and dresses are just side products, the biggest asset one has is their own self. Looking good depends greatly on your behavior and mood too. Designer wear is just to make you glow more. So, the best designer wear is a smile on your lips and love in your heart.

Tips and comments

visit for various types of fashion bags.

  • There are many types of fashion bags but choose intelligently
  • Make sure that the  fashion bag you carry complements your dress
  • Your fashion bag should also fit the occasion you are attending
  • Fashion is all about the right dress at the right time
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