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About the Most Recent Fashion Trends

Published at 03/01/2012 15:57:20


The fashion trend that will be ruling all minds this spring has been derived partially from last year along other fashion trends from different eras. Modern day is so much about being up-dated with latest trends and styles to stay a part of this increasingly competitive world.


Fashion has been in existence since the beginning of time in some way or another. The fashion in the west came under lime light for men and women in the 12th century to the present. In the medieval times the dresses that were popular were byzantine, Anglo-Saxon and European in nature. The first fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth and he wasn’t really a dressmaker. In earlier time’s high fashion descended from styles worn at royal courts. Worth’s success was so influential that he could dictate to his customers what they should wear instead of following what earlier dress makers had done. It was during this period that many design houses began to gain popularity and started hiring artists to sketch a paint design. If the clients liked the dresses they ordered them and the garment designed made revenue for the design house. Paris was the hub of all fashion in Europe setting trends so all fashion magazines sent their editors to Paris fashion shows. The Fashion trend s kept evolving and changing with time through decades.


It is the beginning of a new year but that doesn’t necessarily mean new fashion trends. The fashion that will be followed in the year 2012 will be very much the same as that followed in year 2011.The are five key pieces that will continue to serve us in spring. The wide leg pant in lightweight fabrics or denim can make the transition to spring. The tuxedo jacket is a classic that goes beyond 2011 season with everything from dresses to shorts. The leather harness can be fetish and hard but not all the time. The fashion of high slit dresses can also work magic on a good day out with a pair of slit skirt with a cotton tank for an effortless summer take. The fashion of peter pan color of the 60’s is in nowadays. It looks graceful in white and black Louis Vuitton with fresh, candy colors of spring. The colors for this 2012 are wisteria, Asian bronze, Shanghai Mist, Earth Anemone, Oxygen, Baby doll, Marshmallow, Baby chick, Grape and Lapis. Floral, earthly and trendy colors will also remain in fashion. The loose and relaxed tailoring will remain in this year too. Many of the best designer jeans will continue to be defined by sexy rips, abrasions, bleach spots, embroidery and more. The weathered and worn look is no longer in for this spring. The fashion trend for hairstyles for women will be long and bouncy blow-dry which gives an elegant and groomed look. The homemade curls, French twist, looped under ponytail, half up Brigitte Bardot hair, rock ability hair, side pinned waves, retro faux bob, wet-look chignon, piled up and pinned hairstyle, chignon with side waves and double French twist will remain worldwide this 2012.

Tips and comments

There is so much this spring for everyone. All you have to do is accessorize your look, wear a little natural make up and carry the right look for your hair to twinkle among masses.