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Information About London College Of Fashion

Published at 03/05/2012 17:13:35


The London College Of Fashion is one of the most popular and renown fashion colleges in the world. The London College of Fashion is one of the only colleges located within the United Kingdom, that specializes in the fashion industry and fashion designing. This school offers post graduate, undergraduate, business training and other specialty short courses. Some of the courses include: fashion footwear, digital fashion, fashion marketing, fashion media production, fashion and film, fashion retail, history and culture of fashion and many more.

Eligibility and Tuition

In order to be eligible to attend The London College of Fashion, you will need to be at least eighteen years old or older. You also will need to have a very strong interest in fashion, along with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The London College of Fashion does accept students from the United States, but if you are a US resident, you'll need to supply the admissions with all pertinent documents, achievements and academic qualifications.

Unfortunately, The London College of Fashion does not accept scholarships or financial aid. They also do not grant loans. In order to ensure that you will be financially secure while studying at the London College of Fashion, you will need to make sure you have enough money for rent, school- books, travel, food, materials and other living expenses. The college recommends that you have a minimum of £900 GBP per month for living expenses . Also, you will need a £50-£100 GBP per month for materials.

Credits, Certificates and Hours

When attending the London College of Fashion, you will receive credits for each studied and passed unit. They follow a program that will either allow you to earn two, three, four or six credits per passed class. Once you have successfully completed all the courses at The London College of Fashion, you will graduate with a certification. Classes normally will run Monday through Friday, weekends are off, unless specified with your instructor.

Assessments, Accreditation and Teaching Methods

For each class you take, you will receive a syllabus, thoroughly explaining the grading process for that particular instructor. The London College of Fashion is accredited in the United Kingdom by the authority of H.M. Privy Council and the Department for Education & Science. The London College of Fashion has a wide range of different teaching methods. Most of these methods are very hands on and take place inside a 'work shop'. All students should have an open mind and be ready and willing to learn a new approach to learning inside the classroom. Students at The London College of Fashion do not have textbooks, instead the instructors use a lecture and seminar approach. Along with that, students will be tested and asked to complete self directed assignments. Skills are always monitored at the London College of Fashion, meaning instructors will sit down, face to face with students and explain their progress and explain which things need to be improved upon. Class sizes are usually limited to very small groups, making sure each student is focused on individually, guaranteeing acceleration in the courses.