Best Fashion Institute in America
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Best Fashion Institute in America

Published at 03/05/2012 18:18:55


Best Fashion Institute in America

New York City is one of the most populated cities of America and is very famous for celebrities, large corporations, tourism, and the fashion industry. New York City is traditionally famous for its fashion institute and has always provided excellent opportunities to interested individuals who want to become a part of the industry and be successful within the competing market. Learning opportunities are readily available for everyone and the institute fashion in America are given equal importance as business and medical schools. For anyone who is interested in arts and fashion designing and wants to go to the best American institute fashion, this article could be of help.


Parsons school of design is considered to be the best fashion institute in America at the moment. It is on top lists everywhere and its good rankings and ratings from all over the world are quite impressive. It is a well recognized private college for art and fashion studies. The school was initially founded in 1896 by the impressionist American painter William Merritt Chase and his main aim was to produce a school that is more liberal with artistic courses and allows individual art to have its own place in our society. He wanted a change in the expression of art and promoting visual arts was also very important to him. The administration and Parsons kept changing during the years and so did the programs and courses, but they only improved their standard and with time parson’s school of design established a good name in the fashion industry and in fashion and design schools all over the world.


Parsons school for design is an institute fashion that has helped many talented students in pursuing successful designing careers during the last ten years. They hold workshops that are visited by people from all over the world and many famous designers that have a well reputed name in the fashion industry have graduated from the university itself and are now a part of the administration as well. This list of designers and artists include names such as Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Tom Ford. The tuition fee of Parson’s is not affordable by everyone; they have high standards and the cost is sometimes more or equal to the tuition fees of Harvard, Yale and Princeton University but they provide the best education if compared to other fashion schools around the world and thus the programs have their price but the experience and learning process is definitely something one must invest on in order to gain knowledge.

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Parsons school of design offers the best education to anyone who joins it. To study from this prestigious institute fashion is an opportunity one must never miss. The fashion school has also collaborated and partnered with companies like Louis Vitton so that the students can engage in more practical work and have their projects and academic art checked and critiqued by professionals. This also helps in getting good career opportunities for the future and students show more interest as well.