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Published at 03/06/2012 18:55:56


This week in fashion the most talked about event and one of the most important ones on the fashion calendar is the Paris Fashion Week which is currently ongoing. This week fashion trends for the rest of the seasons have been decided in Paris. All major designers like Hermes, Givenchy and Dior have showcased their collection in the Paris Fashion Week. This week fashion trends will be revamped on the Paris runways.


French fashion has always been renown throughout the world. Since the times of the French monarchy and the French revolution, fashion is France has been one of the key identifying factors of France’s national identity. In the years 1860-1960 French Fashion renewed its dominance over world fashion after the establishment of fashion houses and through great fashion shows and the fashion press Vogue. After seeing troubled times during the world wars French fashion was reinvented in the post war era. It still is a force to be reckoned with. Most famous designers from abroad come to make their names in Paris first and work with French fashion houses. The Paris Fashion Week is one of the four major fashion weeks in the fashion world. This week fashion new trends will be showcased in Paris.


The reviews from the Paris week fashion are in and all the fall trends are set to be paraded by fashion buffs everywhere. Stella McCartney’s collection for the fall season debuted in Paris Fashion Week being held this week. The clothes were very sports inspired; they included athletic shapes and bold colors, setting the fall trend for solid colors like blue and dark pink. Slouchy trousers and oversized coats also make up key items in the collection. Hermes showcased their collection as well their key trends include leather, ponchos, fur, prints, velvet, and gaucho pants. The main colors in their collection were navy, grey, black, red, and teal, orange, olive. The whole collection does luxury fashion without the frills making a bold and edgy statement. The Yves Saint Laurent collection was dark and glamorous, the key color being black, with leather being one of the key materials. The whole collection was dark edgy and had a vampire feel to it. The Chloe collection merged the formal French vibe with the more causal English. Lighter colors and floral prints were the main themes. The collection was simple and feminine. Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection had an edgy rock and punk vibe. The whole collection was embellished with retro 80’s style graffiti. The collection was a dream for any girl who idolizes Dita Von Teese or Madonna.

Tips and comments

With still one more day to go Paris week fashion still has many collections and surprises to offer. Indeed many designers still have to show their collections. The trends for all the latest materials and colors have been set. Leather seems to be on the forefront of most designers list and was a key feature in both the Hermes collection and the Yves Saint Laurent collection. So do dark bold colors like black etc. which was featured on most designer’s collection. The coming trend seems to be edgy and bold rather than feminine.