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New Teenager Fashion

Published at 03/21/2012 20:30:02
New Teenager Fashion

Life goes on and so does its different stages. When people are kids their parents decide what they should wear and what they should not. Parents take care of the kids and dress them up in the new fashion trends or in clothes that are comfortable. Moreover when we are matured we have the sense of dressing and each individual has their own style and trend.


Teenagers are the most vulnerable of all age groups to be worried about what to wear and what not. Teenagers feel the pressure from all the sides. They not only are worried about their appearances but they also are bothered by the peer pressure. Teenagers tend to have more faith on their friends than on their parents which leads to them aping whatever their peers do and new fashion is also copied in this age.



Nowadays teenagers are not very fussy about the clothes they wear. They have their own projection for fashion and their ideas are clear about what they want from life. Fashion designers concentrate most on the clothes which are suitable for the teens and little more.

The teenagers have liberty to choose what is in trend or they can easily opt for simple trendy clothes. The most fashionable dress which will never be out of fashion is the basic jeans and tees that are so popular amongst the teenagers. They are very comfortable and easy to maintain. They do not get crumpled and look good for years to come.

Teenagers like to ape the trends shown in the movies and on television. Their ideas about new fashion erupt from watching television and movies. Moreover the new fashion magazines portray a lot of new trends and styles.

Latest trends in teenage fashion in girl’s shows an upsurge of different kinds of bottom wear like Bermudas and loose fitting pants. This is worn under tee shirts and shirts. This makes the girls not only comfortable but the loose pants are made of soft material which is quite chic and in vogue. Boys are comfortable in tees and jeans but the colour yellow is on the rise amongst them =. Also a rise is seen in girls going for striped outfits. The mini-skirts have taken a back seat and long skirts are quite trendy. It is also seen that youngsters are drawn towards different types of caps and hats. Moreover the stoles have found a place in all youngsters’ wardrobes which is worn with almost anything and everything.

Fashions change from time to time but the individual demands are different for different people. Teenagers like to ape the latest trends but yet when it to day to day fashion they still find comfort in tee shirts and jeans. That fashion is here to stay and will always be with the youngsters.

Tips and comments

  • Fashion in teenagers is aped from their peers
  • Teenagers like the new fashion which is comfortable.
  • Long skirts are the in thing in teenage fashion.