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Lets start out by stating a basic fact. Every woman wants to look good. In order to achieve this innate desire women spend lump sum amounts on clothes, shoe sand bags. The expense increases further for outgoing and working women, even though recently house wives have indulged in wearing fabulous clothes for kitty parties and other gatherings. To cater to this very fundamental need many world and nationwide stores have come into existence that carry all your favorite brands and apparel items. One very such popular gaining recognition is Fashion Bug.


Retail Stores have been in existence since the past 100 years or as far as one can remember. Ever since, women felt the need to dress up to either boost their self esteem or to impress those around retail outlets have been all the rage. Some of the first retail outlets include Ann Taylor, Claires and Jeremy Carter. All these however, catered to the higher class and provided cotoure forms of clothing. Only recently, round about 25 years ago did the trend of financially efficient shopping start, which included characteristics like sales and lower prices and margins of profit. This also brought about a rise in online shopping resulting in nationwide brnaches making catalogues online and selling their apparel, as is the characteristic of Fashion Bug.


Most women face issues related to size since a majority of stores only tend to carry a maximum of size 6 or 7. This is a nightmare for plus size women, who by the way are not a minority. Fashion Bug provides facilities to these very women by carrying their sizes and those to at extremely reasonable prices. This chain of stores is located all over the United States and many women are giving it preference over the more widely known Claires and Forever 21 amongst others. This store is a complete package, as it carries anything and everything that women might possible wish for; from tops, to undergarments to accessories everything is found in abundance. Fashion Bug Stores carry accessories like necklaces, earrings, belts and even purses and clutches for the average women. Colored skinny jeans are a massive hit amongst teenage girls and these stores carry them in a vast variety of options. This store not only caters to the girly women, but also to the tomboys as well, since bell bottomed trouses, loafers and sneakers are also available. What’s more is that mothers and daghters don’t need to shop separately anymore as all items are found under one roof, divided into categories like Maternity Wear, Women Section and Girly Girl Attire. Fashion Bug carries another subdivisional line called Loop 18, which caters to junior girls providing sizes 18-27 in almost every single item!

Tips and comments

Sometimes, customers might face the inconvenience of not finding an item they’re dying to buy. Don’t be sad, because two options can be availed to avoid this disaster. Firstly, one can visit the other branches to find if they’re stocked up and secondly, shopping online people! Fashion Bug’s official website allows you to purchase any item on credit, without leaving your home. Frequently visiting the store can result in witnessing great sales and saving up. Hence their famous tagline ‘Look great. Spend less.’

By Anushay Q., published at 03/07/2012
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About the Store Fashion Bug. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.