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How To Host a Fashion Show


Hosting a fashion show is not the simplest thing to do. We may see only the models walking on the catwalk but there is more than that when putting on a fashion show. The real work is behind the scenes, and you must be proficient in all departments. The music or lights in the room and continuing with the management part of the show. This article will explain a few things to remember if you are thinking of setting up a fashion show.

Step 1

The starting point of every fashion show is its theme. You must decide if you want to cover the spring, summer, winter or autumn and then pick the clothes to support this theme. Imagine the target public and decide whether you will present casual outfits or elegant wear.

Step 2

Then, book a location two or three months before, depending on the complexity of the fashion show you plan run. Make sure the location has multiple rooms, because you will need a space to store the clothes. The models will present these clothes on the catwalk and also need room for the make-up and hair-style part of the show.

Step 3

Another suggestion is to offer the guests a snack and some drinks after the show. Also, when you book you must know approximately how many people you will invite in order to reserve an appropriate room. Moreover, you should check the location yourselves before making any reservation because you do not want surprises like not having where to mount the catwalk. Set the date of the event and start sending invitations.

Step 4

After that organize a casting call for the models, hairstylists and make-up artists and decide on those who can sustain the theme of your fashion show.

Besides the clothes, music and enlightenment are core elements of events like this because they can make it either successful or ruin the show. Therefore, consider the latest hits of famous singers. Make a research and get inspiration from the famous fashion shows in Milan, Paris or New York. Also hire a skilled fashion show music DJ to get the best sound ever. Take care that the audio system is performing well because you don’t want to lack of background sounds. When it comes to lights, these must be breathtaking and beautiful. And more importantly, light must support clothes presentation so made sure you have both moving and generic lights for an unforgettable event.

Step 5

Publicize the event through the local press, fashion magazines or radio channels. Think of a raffle through which you give free tickets for your fashion show to the ones who respond a few questions for example on the radio.
For smooth running of the show, write a script with all the stages of the event. Rehearse from first to last also to see where might intervene some problems. Do not jump over any stage even though you find it as not posing problems.


All this said, hosting a fashion show is more complex than most of us are tempted to think. You must arm yourselves with all sorts of skills, proper organization, creativity and imagination if you want to do it well.

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