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Before discussing the womens fashion we will discuss what the fashion is? It is a style which is worn by most of the people in the country. The duration of any fashion remains 1 to 3 years and then other fashions come to their life style. Changes are very difficult to adopt for the people. We can call the clothing style a fashion and after some time it becomes the custom for most of the people. Fashion is the term which is used for the trend which comes recently which changes the looks and dress up of a person. Costumes are considered to be more in the fashion. There is a term known as “FAD” which is used for the fashions which come and go randomly. Fashion is a general term which comes in clothing, footwear, bags and accessories. In womens fashion the first thing which comes is clothing and in it there come jeans, coats and jackets, jumpsuits, knitwear, leggings, skirts, tailoring, trousers and shorts and tops.


There are many different womens fashion in which there comes the spring silhouette which is full skirt. You can have bright colors in them but sometimes bright colors are not in trend so you may go towards the soft colors which give feminine vibe to the clothing of women. In womens fashion there are also some crisp geometric prints of full skirts with smooth colors. It gives you a fabulous and flawless look. You can wear them in cocktail parties as well as in weddings. There is also the fashion of stripes. There are many options of stripes for example skinny stripes, classic stripes and bright colors stripes. There are also some silk dresses which also give you elegant look. In womens fashion Oscar fashion is considered to be the most in-trend fashion. Gowns give you a fully modern and elegant look. Traditions are also considered to be in-trend wearing Armani dresses. There are also womens fashion like chokers, off-shoulders, one-shoulder, large buns, white, black or gold colors giving flawless look.


Top colors of spring 2012 for the dresses are popy, geranium, orangeade, canary, grass, ink, honey, sandstone, hyacinth and tiffany blue. In 2012 the most influencing winter’s fashion is seventies. It is the most carry-over trend with the flares, and wide-leg pants having light weight fabrics. Use lightens up and dark colors for this spring season and use high heels or wedges instead of boots. Crystal balls are in-trend in this year. White or cream colors are best for this season not only in dresses but also in the shoes and pants. Use relaxed tailoring and light colors of leather accessories. High slit dresses are also in-trend now-a-days. You can have a casual slit in your costume which gives you an awesome summer look. Candie colors are also the womens fashion in these days and also the sweet sixties style with round peter pan colors.

Tips and comments

In the hair styles of women, for long hair give a bouncy blow dry to your hair or homemade curls are also a good option. For long wavy hair you can give a french twist or you can loop your hair in a pony tail. You may also give side-pinned waves to your hair. You can give a wet look to your hair if their length is medium. You can pile them up, give side waves or can give a double french twist. For short hair, mod bob hair cut is the best for them. Doctor’s bags are considered to be in fashion of women now-a-days.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/10/2012
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