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What Is the Secret To Holding a Fabulous Fashion Show?


Fashion shows are everybody’s amusement. These could be held in smaller as well as an international scale. Every fashion show will need a careful and holistic planning and implementation religiously. Every fashion show has its own identity and purpose. The purpose of a fashion show is to showcase the clothing and accessories according to the season. Hence style and fabrication, along with presentation matter a lot as these are pillars of fashion industry. There are few fashion show secret that you should know.


You need to set up style and theme first before planning a secret fashion show. The fashion designer is needed to ahead with to expose or showcase his or her creations. Take a discrete look at the specific style and their purpose to achieve with their range. They may focus on the trendy and young styles or only catering to older styles. The main success of a secret fashion show is to encourage people to wear fashionable clothes or change their looks for the better. That is why models are chosen carefully to look unique in these outfits. Before this you need to understand what designers want to accomplish in their range. This is a very important factor for any fashion show. Next step is to decide the venue and décor. The venue should be compatible with the theme and style of the fashion show secret. For example if you are hosting a fashion show on wedding dresses, then it is better to choose a garden or old mansion. This is very important as it helps in creating the perfect ambiance. Your venue should be big enough to hold a large stage for the catwalk. Working AC’s should be there to offer soothing air to an audience in the fashion show. Maintain a balance between fashion shows and your pocket. It should be highly accessible to your targeted market. This will serve the purpose easily.


You need to select models depending on the designer. If this is a small secret fashion show then you could find models yourself. It is not so difficult. You may offer opportunities for learners by not differentiating in weight and height. If it is formal then you need to worry about these things very much. Keep communicating with your agency constantly for the smooth run. Then looking for sponsors, this is a very important segment of the whole fashion show secret. This is long standing relationship. Once if they like your fashion show then they help you in future also. And then you will have to hire event coordinator to carry on the show as smoothly as it could be. Event coordinator can make your show highly memorable. Lastly you need to have excellent judges to look at the models as well as their clothing. Make sure your judges know their role very well. They need to know about the volatile fashion industry.

Tips and comments

Music at the background should be highly soothing to enhance the mood of the show. Hair do and the makeup should go hand in hand to grace the function. Stage construction should be sturdy and perfect to avoid ugly scenes. Make arrangements for the lighting. Many fashion shows are ruined because of the poor lighting. Then arrange for the tickets for the audience to enjoy the fashion show. Invite media for the coverage including bloggers, news channels etc. No one can stop you from ruling the roof of fashion industry if you follow these steps.

By stephen cunanan, published at 03/13/2012
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