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A Brief History Of Fashion Tv


The Fashion TV Network was launched in 1997 by its Polish born President Michel Adam Lisowski in France. Once he was asked why he had created this channel, he replied, “people love good music, good wives and latest fashion designs” -- he made his fortune based on this principle. He claims that most of his earnings come from the restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and shows, not from the fashion TV channel.

Michel Adam Lisowski, a Jewish descent, was born in Warsaw on 16 April 1950. Later, his family moved to Vienna in 1958. His father was a Polish government employee that worked as a diplomat at IAEA or International Atomic Energy Agency. Michel was a good student when he graduated from high school, and received Princeton University Scholarship for mathematics.


He started a Thailand based textile business called “Eden Group” in 1991 employing over 4,000 people. Six years later in July 1997, when the Asian financial crisis gripped much of Asia, he sold that business. After the closure of this textile business, he moved to Paris and made various investments in real estate projects. The Café Fashion, a rendezvous of the fashion world community was one among his many invested projects. Michel Adam Lisowski was well known with huge network in the world fashion community. He influenced many famous fashion designers to host fashion shows and fashion-related events at Café Fashion. Michel Lisowski observed the great demand for the fashion videos of the designers on the screens all around Café Fashion. At the dawn of digital television, he decided to launch Fashion TV with glamorous video recording of exciting models on catwalks.

Fashion TV equals all famous print fashion magazines. It appeals to everyone interested in fashion and has love for beauty, style and fashion. It has set the highest standard of excellence in lifestyle and fashion telecasting. Fashion TV provides unbiased, informative original programming which no other channel can provide.


Fashion TV has become gradually popular among satellite and cable operators. Fashion TV (should not be confused with Fashion Television) is a 100% fashion dedicated channel that runs 24 hours a day.

This channel was primarily launched in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, with an initial strategy that it will attain a global dominance within the fashion telecasting sector. Fashion TV within the first ten years of its existence, swiftly expanded its empire to the east in India and China, the two most populated countries in the world. Fashion TV has further reached most houses of Africa, South America and Australia. In its brief history of 15 years, Fashion TV has stepped into 193 countries of the world on five continents at 350 million households. In addition to the feed of five continental channels, they have High Definition (HD) Channels in Asia, America and Europe. Fashion TV has introduced regional channels in South East Europe, UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey and Arabian region.

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 Michel Adam married famous ballet dancer and model Maria Mogoslova on Friday, 18 March 2011.

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