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Fashion Tips For Refreshing Old Jewelry

Published at 03/16/2012 16:49:58


Vintage fashion old jewelry often brings unusual spark with a touch of glamour no matter it is plastic or diamond. It is more important to find something that goes well with your personality, style, or the period you are referring to.

Step 1

Old jewelry are sometime of great value, if crafted or designed by a master, never loses their values, rather gains more value if they are somehow connected to some historical events or specific period or fashion influence. Retro fashion old jewelry can be found online or there are many old fashion old jewelry shops where you can find a real treasure for your jewelry box. If you know how to find the real treasure among those piles of plastic and metals they may turned out to be a very good investment for money.

The amount of vintage fashion old jewelry trend is huge. The one thing very unusual about this old jewelry is that although sometime they are very old but in most cases they look more gorgeous than the modern ones because time has added some brilliance to it. It is irrespective whether it is used or made of gold or silver or any damn thing.

If you have taste for collectibles look for the famous designer products or Asprey, Cartier, Garrards or Tiffany. They are all time favorite for fashion old classic designs with precious gemstones and metals crafted by master craftsman-- work of art. However, no matter how valuable your fashion old jewelry is, it is old and probably used. So be careful when you first put it on and follow a simple process of disinfection by a few drops of spirits. Vintage fashion old jewelries are more elaborate than the present days’ jewelries. A piece of jewelry need not be always big to be beautiful, again at the same time, a delicate and small not always look elegant and pretty. The retro jewelries had charm and elegance.


How to Clean and Take Care of Old Jewelry

Check the stone and make sure it is properly fitted and will not fall during cleaning. This check is equally important while buying any stone fitted jewelry.

Make sure there is no padding or anything on the back of the stone. The padding will lose if immersed in water.

If there is a foil or similar padding at the back of the stone, carefully wipe the top of the stone with a moist cloth. No water should seep to the foil.

If there is no foil at the back, and the stone is fitted securely, immerse a small part of the piece in a solution of warm water, few drops of ammonia, and few drops of soap.

Take the piece out and softly scrub with a soft tooth brush and rinse in warm water.

Be careful of scratching; store them properly so that the pieces do not rub against each other.

Any significant temperature changes may affect the glue and the stones may fall out of the piece.

Moisture is the biggest enemy of jewelries, be careful while wearing them in moist places and dry them properly after wash.

It is better to avoid them wearing while you are doing household jobs.

Be careful of the material of your jewelry container. Some metal contains sulphur which is harmful for gold and silver.