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About the Art Of Fashion

Published at 03/15/2012 20:41:35


About the Art Of Fashion

Fashion is a common term for a well-liked style or practice, particularly in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. Fashion indicates to anything that in the present trend in looks and dresses up of a person. Previously the word ‘costume’ had become very common, but now fashion is a more general term that is commonly used in the society today. Costumes are now only limited for special occasions like Easter, Halloween etc. There are lots of ways to keep up with the fashion art today; internet can help you too search for the latest fashion wear that is common in your society or over the world. Each country has its own fashion.


In the early ages the clothes were handmade. As there was no such technology back then people used to sew their own clothes more like the clothes were custom made. It was either a home production or an order from dressmakers or tailors. As the 20th century arrived mankind was introduced to new technology such as the sewing machines. As these machines arrived, clothing had increasingly come to be mass produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices, these standard sized clothes starting appearing for sale in departmental stores and other retail outlets. Although the fashion industry developed first in Europe and America, but today worldwide these clothing items are sold over the globed, and most of them are internationally transferred from one country to another introducing new variety and culture in other countries.


There are institutes which introduce you to the new fashion art trends and give you details about the fashion industry all over the globe. Fashion art is present in many kinds and each design is different for men, women and children. Like in winters the trend of coats and sweaters start in the markets, and the hoods are widely sold in the young generation, similarly in summers new t-shirts are introduced every season. Young men and women are fan of fashion art, as they appear to have interest in the latest fashion going on in the society around them; they try their best to get the new outfit.

Tips and comments

Not only clothes are a part of fashion art, but also shoes and other accessories like chains, watches, and bracelets have become a part of the fashion industry. Along with the outfit people tend to wear these accessories matching their outfit, or they wear what suites them the best. Jewelry is also a part of the fashion art, as brides wear their bridal outfits and according to the color of their outfit they wear matching jewelry which enhances their beauty. Along with these clothes and accessories hair styles come in different fashion’s as well. People change their hair style quite often. Urban wear is a broad term which includes various types of clothing. These various types of clothing include jeans, t-shirts, sporty shoes, classic pants and fashionable shoes. If you want to join the trend try wearing t-shirts with graphics which are mostly in black and white colors, and in jeans blue and black are commonly worn.