The Recent Trends in High Fashion
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The Recent Trends in High Fashion

Published at 03/23/2012 21:55:03


The Recent Trends in High Fashion

Fashion is something that everyone does. You have different brands producing different clothing lines and setting trends for the fashion freaks to follow. But it’s suicidal and a disaster if you find another person wearing the exact same dress as yours. This is why high fashion is different. It’s unique, trend-setting, and most importantly, it is exclusive. High fashion products are also defined in part by their quality material and high cost. So, all the mass produced fashion produced do not fall under the umbrella of high fashion. On the other hand, if you wear custom made designer clothing, or your closet is filled with vintage finds, or if you spend money on some one of a kind boutique, then you’re following the unique segment of fashion, known as high fashion.


Fashion has been in existent ever since the beginning of this world. Fashion has usually reflected the society’s set of beliefs. In history, fashion change has always come about due to a social or economic change. The fast changing fashion trends started in Europe in the middle of the fourteenth century. But the high fashion was mostly followed by the aristocrats, the feudal and the royal family. The kind of fashion followed by them was unique, exclusive and custom made. The kind of material worn was generally not found in the market. This transcended into the local public in 1858, when English born Charles Fredrick Worth opened the first true high fashion house in Paris. Even today, Paris is considered as the fashion capital.


High fashion segment features a lot of different things as compared to other fashion segments. High fashion especially includes designer clothing. Designer clothing is relatively expensive and use superior quality material in their clothing. The stitch is unique and it also gives liberty to customize your own clothes, hence incorporating your own style in the making of the dress. This gives it the exclusivity to the dress, which is central to high fashion. Therefore, it ensures durability, comfort and exclusivity. Recent high end fashion includes vintage finds too. Some people use vintage lace in their dresses, especially in their wedding dress. Recently, some celebrities have gone so out of the way to be unique that they would have custom made lace for their dress.

Tips and comments

High fashion can be very expensive, but it is worth every penny. Recently, high fashion has become so popular that we have all sorts of designers opening boutique in every corner. The segment is not just dominated by a few big players. You have other small time entrepreneurs, and highly talented designers providing their sense of style and tailoring in this segment of the fashion world. So if you cannot afford custom made Versace or Armani dresses, then maybe you go for these small time designers who are relatively cheaper, highly talented, with their own unique and great taste. But the most important factor in high fashion is you. You need to know what you want, and what you like. Your dress needs to reflect your taste, something that you can incorporate if you’re willing to spend a little more money than you usually do on clothing.