About the Color Black in the Fashion World
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About the Color Black in the Fashion World

Published at 03/24/2012 17:23:03


About the Color Black in the Fashion World

The current focus of people around the globe is more on the West and comprise of incorporating Western Fashion trends and other forms of their culture in local clothing. West clothing is displayed through various mediums for the knowledge of the average aspiring buyer. These sources comprise of catwalks, online websites, catalogs and outlets. However, catwalks and fashion shows continue to be the major west clothing trendsetter. Paris and New York Fashion Week are amongst the top displays of western fashion trends worldwide.


The history of Western Clothing covers clothes worn in Western Europe, America and those countries that are under Western influence despite their location. Western wear derives its name from the special and unique clothing sported by men and women in the 19th Century. It has undergone many changes since then. The clothing line in the Medieval Era focused more on long skirts and dresses for both men and women. However, Rich men namely landlords preferred wearing light linen shirts with khaki loose trousers or pajamas. Knee length fur coats and belts were also common amongst business men. With the passage of time we can see a visible change in the black fashion trends of the west. Dresses of various types like short, flare, princess and mini became all the rage. Moreover, skinny jeans, pants, long and short skirts have also gained precedence. Moreover, there has been improvement in the type of material and stitching techniques used. The clothes nit the far previous years were more abstract and not much attention was paid to detail. The west clothing in recent years is the opposite and is very unique and far from standardized.


Western black fashion can either be high end or low end depending on the quality, brand and most importantly price. The most popular low end retailers are Forever 21, Claries, Primark, Zara and lastly H&M. All these brands provide excellence and superiority along with latest black fashion fads. One thing that can never grow old in west clothing are the dresses. Whether they’re summer dresses or micro minis everyone needs to have one in their wardrobe. Summer dresses can be brightly colored in single or dual tones and can even have artistic designs printed on them. The lengths of course vary and the top trend is going for a bare look or pairing them with shorts or tights depending upon moods and of course the weather. Micro minis are ideal part attire and they are preferred in the classic black fashion color with sequins as embellishments or laces sewn on top. Women can obviously choose the type and style of dress depending upon personal choice. But, the hottest trend in west clothing is the simple backless micro mini. Tanks tops are also popular for a dressed down and casual look. West clothing has shown that this is one thing that can never grow old in any color. Moreover, cargo pants for an out bed look and colored jeggings and skinny jeans are the rage these days. Almost every person sports this item of west clothing. The simple blue faded jeans are also a popular trend and almost every woman owns this essential item.

Tips and comments

The black fashion trends one adopts must obviously be stylish, but not too over the top. One should try to choose what suits them the most. Therefore, fat and overweight women should avoid tiny and fitted dresses. Top trends of western clothing are available readily for anyone around the globe. Just open your internet and get right to the search and choose from the wide array of options.