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Choosing a Fashion Design School

Published at 03/28/2012 01:26:56


There is no other better way to become a successful fashion designer than following the courses of a fashion design school. You may be extremely talented, but these days, without a diploma that certifies your knowledge and level of qualification, you risk being underestimated.


Signing up a fashion design school will help you learn how to use the talent you possess, will open the door to the famous couture houses, will enrich your mind and nourish your creativity with general knowledge from fields related to design and it will also teach you how to evaluate your work.
Choosing a fashion design school should start with a realistic evaluation of your skills and vocational inclinations. Think if you like more to draw designs or to tailor after designs. In case you own good retailing skills, perhaps you should consider the fashion buying field of this industry.

Choosing a fashion design school should take into consideration the level of qualification you want to achieve. The lowest level of qualification is offered by vocational schools and it is focused only on fashion design. The higher levels of qualifications, like faculty or master, offer you courses about everything which is related to fashion design starting from the fashion designer, continuing with patternmakers or tailors and finishing with the ones which promote the clothes and sell them. When choosing between these options, have in mind that a fashion designer who followed the courses of a higher degree fashion design school has better chances to be hired than the one who attended the classes of a vocational school.


For a successful career in this competitive industry, the reputation of the fashion design school you sign up is very important. An applicant for a job at a good fashion house will surely have better chances to be hired if he learned the secrets of this profession at a renamed university like The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, The University of Westminster from London or Nuova Academia DI Belle Arte from Milano. The reputation of the fashion design school you follow is seen like a warranty for your capabilities in this field.

The biggest impediment of following the courses of a famous fashion design school is its costs. These tend to be expensive and exceed the budget of many candidates. Yet, if you are very talented you can obtain a scholarship which exempts you from paying these fees.
The next thing to think about when choosing a fashion design school is the distance factor. The closer it is to home the better because it is more convenient, but for achieving the success you have to get out from the comfort zone and opt for a school situated in a fashion center. Here you will have better chances to work in a professional fashion studio and to be taken under the wings of an important mentor to help you work your way up in this industry.

Tips and comments

This being said, deciding on a fashion design school should take into consideration factors like your skills, your budget, the level of qualification you want to achieve and not least, the reputation and accreditation of the school.


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