The Hottest New Trends in Fashion
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The Hottest New Trends in Fashion

Published at 03/29/2012 18:07:49


The Hottest New Trends in Fashion

Fashion is obviously not a new concept and has been around since the start of mankind. Every man and woman is interested in what the current trends have to offer and tries to incorporate those trends into their wardrobe for maximum class and style. The latest fashion trends are a replica of what’s hot and what’s not; which is basically the main determinant for being trendy and turning heads everywhere. Obviously most people just want to look good and feel great on the inside which is also for these fashion trends achieve. These trends have been revolving constantly over the passage of time due to the ideas and preferences of leading designers in the fashion industry which highlights the next big thing.


The story related to fashion trends is as old as time. Notable trends consist of those during the 1980s where everything was big. Neon colored tights, leg warmers, huge and off one shoulder sweatshirts were considered spectacular. Moreover gigantic belts were added to complete this funky look. The next decade saw a movement towards less wild and loud statements and more concentration on blown down and monochrome colored looks. During the previous time fashion trends changed on the basis of years and decades, nowadays the change is rather drastic based upon seasons for most clothing items. However, some forms of apparel have been in fashion since and because they are the classic, that’s how it will always be. At least, that’s what we would like to believe.


Fashion trends are followed largely by women and their clothes are the ones predominantly depicted on the catwalk by major fashion labels and designers. These designers have currently shown trend focusing on high waisted skinny jeans along with chiffon tops. These tops are either printed with flowers or other items, or they’re just based upon a single color. Neon colors are back after 80s. And these are the ones that women are seen sported depending upon personal preference. Fashion trends with the emergence of the color orange in different tones have emerged. This orange tone produces a strong dash of color in your look and makes you seem very lively and energetic. The most popular and fashionable forms of orange clothing are cardigans, shirts, dresses, tights and jeans. People are even seen wearing orange bags, sock and shoes. Moreover, when it comes to jeans a significant rise in the popularity of skinny jeans is apparent. The color preference depends on the age group; young girls prefer colors like yellow, green, blue, red and purple. Whereas, older women prefer black, blue and dull brown amongst others. In shoes there is importance given to platforms and sandals with lots of straps that too in single toned colors.

Tips and comments

Ethic kaftans and little black dresses are some things that will always be the hottest fashion trends because they never grow old or fail to appeal. Even though these trends appeal to everyone, they can’t be pulled off that easily. One needs great panache and class to look good in any such attire. And as always one shouldn’t blindly follow fashion, but should wear what suits one the best.