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How To Work in Design And Fashion


If you are wanting to work in design and fashion, you must first get your education. Fashion know-how is important, but without that degree, you are not going to get anywhere. Take your time to get involved in the fashion industry by going to a good fashion school. This is truly the best way to step into the fashion and design field and is your first start to a new career. If you are tired of being stuck in a nine to five job with no passion, go to fashion school and make your dreams come true. The fashion and design industry is growing by leaps and bounds and you can be a part of it.

Step 1

Know what fashion and design school works best for you. Check into your options to find an accredited school that is well respected in the fashion industry. This will help you get a degree that is going to get noticed and get your foot in the door much faster. If you do not have an accredited degree, chances are that you won't be able to land that fashion and design career that you always wanted. Check out each school before you enroll to be sure that it is accredited and that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Step 2

Learn all that you can about the fashion and design industry. Immerse yourself into fashion and learn all of the latest styles possible. Keep up with the newest trends to be sure that you are on top of your game. This is no time to sit back and wait for things to happen, you can make them happen! Find fashion sources that are reliable and up to date, like fashion magazines. Vogue is an excellent choice and should be your Bible for fashion. Don't be afraid to check many different sources to stay ahead of the latest trends.

Step 3

Attending fashion and design shows at every opportunity can help you to grow in the fashion and design world. Keeping up with the latest designer creations, can give you a good idea of how you can pursue your career. If you have an eye for fashion, you can spot the latest trends and change them up to make them your own. This is so important if you are wanting to branch out into the fashion and design field and gain as much experience as possible. This is the way to go as you excel in your school choices and career in fashion.

Step 4

Get advice from fashion icons in your field. There are so many fashion and design icons in the field that you can learn from and gain great advice. Read up on these designers as much as you can to gain expertise and knowledge. Learning from them can help to shape your fashion and design career very quickly. This is so important if you want to expand your fashion and design choices as much as possible. You can truly broaden your horizons just by educating yourself on the famous designers int he world of fashion. Read up on them as much as possible.

Step 5

The most important piece of advice is to be yourself in your fashion and design career. We don't need fifty of the same type of designers. We need different types of designers that will revolutionize fashion and change it for the better so that every fashion is represented and not just cookie cutouts. Be yourself and you will be more respected in the fashion industry than if you try to be a copy cat and just lean on someone else's line. Make your way by pushing yourself to the limits and showing what you have. This will help you to gain the respect of your peers.


Be yourself in your fashion and design career.

Go to a good school.

Learn from the best!

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