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How To Work in Fashion Photography


If you are wanting a career in fashion photography, it is important that you first have an eye for fashion. You must love the world of fashion and want a way to express that passion for fashion. It is so important that you first have some fashion love. If you love fashion, you are more likely to be able to express this through photography. You must be the fashion eye to know what is going to look hot in the fashion magazines. Without this know-how, you are not going to go very far in the world of fashion photography.

Step 1

It is important that you get professional training when you are wanting to get into fashion photography. You must go to a good school that will give you an accredited degree. Without this degree, you may find it harder to get your foot in the door of fashion. Make sure that you launch into your career with a good education in fashion photography so that you can broaden your horizons and change the future of the world of fashion photography. Don't expect that you can just get in with your photos alone, you need that backbone of education.

Step 2

Be strong in knowing what you love to do. So many people get into this business with a dream and then let it be squashed with corporate America. Don't just settle for doing pieces that sell. This is important, but you got into this industry to express your love of fashion photography. You got into this business to make a difference through your photos, so don't sell yourself out by forcing yourself into photo shoots that don't allow you to express who you are and what you see through fashion. You will quickly grow tired of this field if you allow that to happen.

Step 3

Read up on as many fashion photographers as you can. Learn all that you can about them so that you will have a greater knowledge of what the field requires. This will help you to gain so much more than just school alone. Make sure that you become acquainted with all types of fashion photography icons so that you can learn their styles and then create your own. This will help you learn what it takes to make it in this demanding field and give you insight into what to expect as you launch your own career.

Step 4

Creating a portfolio is vital in the fashion photography field. Your school will help you in this process and help you to understand the importance of a fashion photography portfolio. This is so important to get your foot in the door, because every position you seek, will ask you for this important piece. You must be ready to supply this and showcase your work in a way that will get you noticed. This is tantamount to getting your career off the ground even with a fashion photography degree. Don't overlook this important step in getting your photography career off of the ground and into your life.

Step 5

The most important part of being in the fashion photography world is to keep balance. This is a demanding career choice that can often leave those who enter it burned out. This doesn't have to happen to you, if you keep balance in your life and make sure that you leave room for a life and don't just live, breathe, and eat fashion. In the beginning, this can be hard to do as you try to get into your career. Just make sure that as you create this new world of a career in fashion photography, that you don't allow yourself to suffer.


Go to a good school.

Learn from photography icons in the field.

Gain as much knowledge as possible.

Be true to yourself.

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