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How To Break Into the Fashion Business

Published at 03/31/2012 01:07:15

The world of fashion offers several career opportunities. They can be both lucrative and exciting. The fashion business offers' several aspects to explore such as fashion design, fashion advertising and marketing, or fashion merchandising. Exploring the different areas will help to determine the best fit. This career path is suited for people that are creative, artistic, and have a talent to make unique styles.

Step 1


A degree in Fashion is necessary for those wanting to get involved in the creative side of the business. Choose a college that offers a degree in fashion or a related field. The more respectable the school is for design, the better your chances are in getting employed at a reputable company and starting your career in the fashion business.

Step 2


Completing an internship is important to obtaining experience in your field. Although, most internships are unpaid, the experience gained is well worth the effort. This is a good way to get your foot in the door. During this time make a good impression on your employers by doing beyond what the job requires. Companies often hire their intern’s full time.



Step 3


As the old cliché goes, "It's not what you know, but who you know." This often rings true when breaking into the fashion business. This is not to say that education or talent isn't vital. However, often getting a leg up, so to speak, comes through connections. Develop a network of people by attending fashion events and social functions and pass out and collect business cards while in attendance. Furthermore, keep in contact with your fellow students and people that you work with during your internships. All of these contacts can be very usual at some point and time.

Step 4

Market yourself:

Employers often look for designers that are published. Show some  initiative by developing a fashion blog. This blog can showcase your designs or report on what's new in the business of fashion. Add images and be creative and unique. Blogs are easy to create and will look impressive on your resume.


Step 5

Getting the job:

Develop an eye catching Resume. Empolyers receive several hundred applications on a weekly basis. They often scan through them in less than 30 seconds. Take time writing your Resume so that it stands out. Keep it short and avoid lengthy descriptions. Be truthful about companies you worked for, the fashion business is small enough that lies will be detected quickly. Only list companies were you actually worked.

Prepare for the interview by doing your homework on the company. Know the brand inside and out.  Stay updated by following the company on social networks. Be prepared to answer questions about the brand. Share your inspiration on fashion trends and insights on the fashion business as a whole. . Be professional and courteous. Wow them, with your confidence and skills, but, don't go overboard. Express your desire for the job but, don't seem too desperate.

Dress according to the company where you interviewing. Follow their lead, if it's chic, then you should dress the same way and so on. Remember in the fashion business you are often judged by your appearance.


Have staying power in the fashion business by keeping your skills sharp. Learn from the prominent people in the industry by watching how they network, dress, speak, write, and handle business.

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