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Fashion Tips For Wearing Button-Down Shirts

Published at 04/02/2012 06:53:03


Button down shirts have added a completely new dimension to shirts fashion. They are the most versatile piece of clothing ever, they can be worn by both the sexes. They go well in formal as well as casual settings. Button down shirts fashion is very subjective, it is not defined by a specific set of rules as is the case with suits, tuxedos, evening gowns and other formals. Below are some tips for wearing button-down shirts. These tips will definitely provide a better insight into the world of shirts fashion.

Step 1

1) Compliment your shirt according to the other garments that you are wearing. If you are wearing formal pants and shoes, then it does not make too much sense to wear a button down shirt with floral prints. Such a shirt is more suited to a more relaxed setting – like a beach or a party. However, if you are not sure about the course of the day – then wear a neutral pattern – this will enable you to look organised in a formal setting, it will also suffice if you have to attend a party in the evening. Shirts fashion gives you a certain degree of freedom and this is one of the prime reasons for the ever increasing popularity of button down shirts.

2) Button-down shirts can be worn with formals as well as casuals. Depending upon their print, they go equally well with pants as well as jeans and even shorts. However, such types of shirts do not make a good recipe for sporting attire. Sports and Button down shirts do not go hand in hand. A button down shirt is not something that you can wear to a football match or while working out at the gym. This is perhaps the only constraint on shirts fashion.

3) It is important to select a buton down shirt that suits your body type. If you are short and stout, then you should go for a shirt which features vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes will only make you look even shorter and pudgier. However, if you are tall, then horizontal stripe will probably suit you. Also, if you are big, then wear darker colors like deep blue, black and maroon as these help you to look smaller. If you have a small frame – then it is recommended that you opt for clothes which are light in color. White, light blue, faint yellow, light pink are most suited to small people.

4) Shirts fashion is not just about the look; it also has a lot to with the fabric itself. If you are at a party, then fabrics like silk and synthetics will add a lot of character to your look. However, if you are at a formal meeting, then such fabrics might seem a bit flashy and you might come across as someone who likes to show off.

5) The climate also has a huge impact on shirts fashion. If the weather is hot and humid, then wear fabrics which allow the skin to breathe – otherwise the skin will chafe and this can lead to infections and blisters.


6) The best part of shirts fashion is that shirts can be tweaked just a little to suit your mood. If you are at a party and want to turn up the heat – then all you have to do is to loosen a couple of buttons! If you want to add drama to a simple button down shirt, then simply don a jacket on top of it and make sure that the shirt collar is resting on top of the collar of your jacket.