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Top Secret Fashion Hints


There are many top secret fashion tips that every woman should know when she is planning her signature look. You want to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy and there are some secret tips that you can use to bring this forth. Many women don't know quite how to create their own signature style and they rely fully on the media and celebrity choices to create a look for themselves. While this is a great way to get ideas, why not go your own path when it comes to fashion? You can create a look that is truly unique and just for you.

Step 1

The first top secret fashion hint is to disguise your worst parts with tricks of the eye. If you are bigger up top than in your waist, you will want to wear a bulky belt slung at a lower level on your hips. This will draw the eyes downward so that you don't appear as top heavy. If you are heavier in the hip and leg area, you will want to wear a chunky necklace that draws the eyes upward towards your face and takes away from your larger hips. There are some great ways to trick the eye and make your body look great with disguise!

Step 2

Many people are not aware of the secret fashion tip of using colors to bring out the best in your look. So many people get stuck in using the same old boring colors like blacks and blues and they dont' jump out of the crayon box to discover some truly beautiful color combinations. Don't be afraid to try different colors and color combinations for a whole new look. You won't be upset that you did!

Step 3

Patterns can change the way the eye looks at your body. A perfect pattern can transform your body and make you look your best. One of the secret fashion tips is to use stripes to either enlarge your body or minimize it. If you are looking to enlarge, you will want to use a horizontal pattern of stripes. You will want to use a vertical stripe if you are looking to slenderize the area. Patterns can be mixed with other patterns and solids to create unique looks for your wardrobe. This is a fun way to experiment with different patterns and looks.

Step 4

Using different accessories is a great fashion secret for helping you achieve new looks that are all your own. This is a great way to change up any outfit and make it new and unique. You can combine different types of jewelry pieces for great looks that draw attention to different areas of your body that you want highlighted. This is a fun way to try so many different combinations to create looks that can be changed quickly and easily.

Step 5

The best fashion secret is to be yourself! Don't be conformed to what society says is stylish. Have fun with your look and change it up with every whim that you have. This is a great fashion secret for you. So many people are afraid to be themselves and so they try to look like everyone else. There is no need to not enjoy your own style and have fun with what you like. Be creative and try new things. If you fail at a look, just try again. It doesn't have to be hard to get a signature look just for you that you will love and appreciate!


Try different colors and patterns.

Experiment with your look.

Have fun.

Don't try to be like everyone else.

Use your fashion secret to create a great look!

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Be yourself and be creative!

By David Scott, published at 03/28/2012
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