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How To Find Schools in Fashion Design

Published at 04/04/2012 18:04:12


If fashion is your passion, and if you think you have skills of a fashion designer, then better get yourself into a fashion school to better develop that skill. There are a lot of schools in fashion design worldwide which will surely make it harder for you to choose which fashion school to go to. But don’t worry because here are some steps that you could follow for you to find schools in fashion design.

Step 1

Search the internet

If you’re into fashion design, you would probably know any famous schools in fashion already. However, for you to have a wider selection of schools, you should search the internet. Aside from typing schools in fashion design on the search entry field on your web search engine, it would be better to also type top schools in fashion design for you to have a more refined search of the best fashion schools based from reviews and other surveys. Don’t forget to list down the names of the schools for your reference.

Step 2

Know your budget

Schools in fashion design can also be expensive. So when you’ve done your search about the prospective schools that you want to be in, make sure that you know your budget. If you’re self-earning, you badly need to have a budget unless you want to experience dropping out in the middle of the year because you can no longer pay for fashion school. If you’re still dependent on your parents, then you could show them how much you would need from them to send you to fashion school. In this way, your parents will be prepared and will also help you decide if they can afford to send you or not. For you to have a realistic budget, the next thing that you should search while you were searching for schools in fashion design is the total cost of the course. Make sure to list them down for you to have an idea on the range of the cost of the course per school.

Step 3

Download Brochures

When you search for schools in fashion design on the internet, you would also find links to their website. Make sure you gather enough information about the schools by reading the important details on their website. You can read about their campus, admissions, and most importantly their course brochures. Most of the course brochures can be downloaded so make sure to download each brochure because it will contain all the information that you would need about their fashion design course including the subjects to be taken, application process and deadline, and total course duration.

Step 4

Identify requirements

In looking for schools in fashion design, you should make sure that you have identified the requirements needed for applying in a fashion design course. There may be requirements that would disqualify you from applying or there may be some requirements which would require you to submit a piece of your work. It is important for you to know all the requirements needed especially if you want to start applying for the fashion school that you’ve already chosen.

Step 5

Choose the best

Schooling is considered to be a very good investment. This is why you have to choose the best schools in fashion design that you could find to make sure that you’re making a good investment. The best schools will help you develop your skills and help you to become one of the most sought after designers in the future.


The brochures will help you decide which fashion school to go to.