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About Ecco Brand Shoes


ECCO is a multinational company. It was founded by Karl Toosbuy in Bredebro. The brand name has been in the market ever since 1963. Thus, you can see that it’s been in business for over decades. It is a Denmark based brand. But ECCO does not limit itself just to Denmark and exists in countries around the world. It is present in over 4000 different places. It targets men, women and children. Initially it just specialized in the production of shoes. However, slowly it ventured out into the production of leather and accessories. ECCO prides itself in being the only brand that owns and manages every single production process in the manufacture of their shoes. The company today manufactures more than 12 million shoes on an annual basis. This makes it one of the biggest brands in the manufacturing industry.


When Toosbuy founded the company it was based on his belief that “shoes must follow the foot”. He aspired to develop an empire that would incorporate much of the newer technologies. By 1982, the sales of the brand had touched an all time high of I million shoes per year. In 1996 ECCO also constructed a research centre which they named ‘Futara’. The founder of the company passed away in 2006. His daughter followed her father’s footsteps and became the owner of the brand.


Ecco shoes come in all varieties and designs. Ecco shoes are a combination of both great quality and comfort. Ecco shoes that are made for the office and business wear are very stylish. They are designed for both men and women. There is a whole range of Ecco shoes designed for casual wear. These include boots and sneakers. The shoes that are designed for athletics come with many special and unique features. These shoes can correct the odor of your feet. These Ecco shoes are designed to provide support and are manufactured from the highest quality material. They are made of leather to make sure they are more durable. The manufactures of these shoes have included the use of technology. The brand introduced Golf shoes in 1999. Ecco shoes are not just meant for adults and teenagers but kids as well. The kid’s collection includes shoes, pumps and sandals. They even have shoes designed for infants. This collection is made of eye-catchy colors and is very trendy.

Tips and comments

Ecco shoes are available in shoe stores around the world. One of the best ways to buy Ecco shoes is online. You can search for shoes on the basis of the region you are present in. The website is user friendly and provides you adequate details on the products. In addition to this, there are some websites that provide Ecco shoes on a discounted rate. If you think Ecco shoes are too expensive for then you can search for used Ecco Shoes. However, it is advised that you don’t pursue this course. Instead you can purchase your own pair of shoes during the sale season. Whatever the case you must stack a pair of these amazing shoes in your closet.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/27/2012
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