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What Is Difference Between Shoes And Boots


Ladies have used the shoes to make them look more attractive. The size of shoes usually depends on the feet size in different cultures, and their shapes and dimensions are also different in various cultures. Shoes have lots of variety in it, formal shoes, casual shoes and sports shoes are available for both men and women to comfort them and also to give them a style with all kind of dressing. These shoes are very famous and available at any branded or non-branded shop throughout the world. Thousands of designs and style of shoes in different categories are available.

One special type of shoes are called shoeboots and they are used by both men and women for style purposes and to protect their feet from dangerous weather conditions like snow, rain, and mud. The basic difference between shoes boots is, shoes can be used formally and casually, but they are mostly used for styling and fashion purposes, but boots can be used on mountains, tough rocks and the ways like having lots of stones.

Shoes boots differ each other because boots are used for tough paths and shoes are used for sophisticated and sober matters with stylish looks. Another difference between shoes boots is, boots usually have higher leather around the ankle than can also reaches to high ankle sometimes or can be below knee. Boots are mostly used in winter or rough kind of weather to keep the feet safe, but some boots are also used to wear them around for any other purpose.

Another difference between shoes boots is boots can be zippered of in a lace style whereas shoes are the attachment of foot and low to high ankle and can be with laces also. Shoes can be mostly used for fashion parties or any other casual purpose like women use to wear shoes on parties, because they can't use 4-inches heel in icy day. Another difference between shoes boots is fabric, shoes can be off canvas and boots have some other tough material used in it.

Another interesting difference between shoes boots is, boots are also used by cow boys and horse riders and also by the persons who loves to do mountain hiking, boots can be made up of different materials like rubber, canvas and leather, but shoes are used only for formal and casual use, like to go school, party, office are to hang out with friends etc.


Shoes are made to give you an elegant look and to provide the best comfort to your foot where boots are for protecting your feet from the elements.

By Mariah John, published at 02/28/2012
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