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Boots Types Of Women's Shoes


Boots and shoes, both are from same category but are different in working and shapes also. Shoes are used more casually and formally like they can be used in office, in party, in School College and also in daily use. Shoes are also of different designs like they are made for the fashion purposes. Boots are different in quality and usage also, like boots are used for the outdoor purposes where roads are not like in the cities. Boots are used to prevent foot from dangerous weather conditions, snowfall and also used to do mountain hiking. Boots are also stylish to some extent but they are not used in parties and different formal occasions, and this is also with the case of shoes, shoes cannot be used on mountains and also in an icy day.
Boots and shoes are not only available for men, women shoes and boots are also available in the same stuff. Women’s boots shoesare also available in the same quality and designing as for men. Women can use shoes in home, office and other different parties and women who have the ability and they love to do horses riding, they can easily use boots. Women can use boots to prevent their sensitive foot from any kind of weather allergy and also from the tough hard surface. Women’s boots shoeshave lots of abilities like, women boots have the power to keep the foot safe from any kind of harm and also helps women to do mountain hiking.


Women’s boots shoesboth are used to wear on feet but qualities and working of both of them are not same, women shoes are fashion symbol and women use them on different occasions like wedding, party, shopping or routine use etc. whereas boots are of different stuff and quality. They are used to do extra ordinary work like to wonder in forest etc. Women’s boots shoesare available in different designing and styles. Women shoes include pumps, fleets, heels, snickers etc.


And huge variety and designs are available in market. Women boots are not so much stylish and dashy as compare to shoes but women boots do lot of work to help the women like to save her foot from any kind of damage and from ice also. Women’s boots shoesare different because of their specifications, women’s boots shoesare for one gender like for female but they both have different quality and working. The big difference between Women’s boots shoesis also, women shoes are used for some polite type of works like to stay at home or just for fashion, but women boots can be used in factories, like working ladies can wear these boots to save their nails from heavy weighted material.


Women’s boots shoesare designed for special purposes like women shoes for daily routine work and women boots for un-usual work like horse riding and mountain climbing. Women’s boots shoesare also available in different sizes according to the feet of women, shoes can be of normal size like regular basis, but boots can be of long size of high top in which ankle is covered.

By Mariah John, published at 02/28/2012
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