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Pretty Girls Shoes


It is said that although women are different, one thing they all have in common is their love for shoes. This love for shoes starts as far back as in kindergarten when they could not resist the many pretty girls shoes. For this reason, many shoe companies have come up with a wide range of pretty girls shoes to meet this growing demand.

Pretty Girl Shoes

The great thing about this is that there are now many categories of girl shoes made for different occasions, weather, walking conditions, and styles such that girls are spoil for choice. The difference between girl shoes and those for grown women is that they are very comfortable, low heeled, colorful and they do not have the dangerous high heels and sexiness as some women shoes.

One example is the sandals and flip-flops which are better suited for warm weather and any trips to the beach or pool to keep feet cool. They usually come in attractive colorful designs with decorations such as flowers and small buckles. Although they do not protect the feet as much as other girl shoes do, they are the ideal choice to keep feet cool when the weather starts to heat up.

Flats are also great girl shoes which can be worn with almost any outfit from classy to casual styles. As the name suggests they have flat soles which makes them very comfortable for light walking and playing. This girl shoes usually are round on the front and cover the heel and can occasionally also have a strap across the middle to help them stay on. Although they have the same basic design flats come in a wide array of attractive colors and materials from which to choose from.

Pretty Girl Shoes

Occasionally girls shoes may have high heels and are meant to be worn only for special occasions such as birthday parties, holidays and school dances where there isn’t a lot of walking. They are called high heels but are, in actual sense, not that high as young girls are not able to walk in high shoes yet.

Girls shoes also come in boots which can either be just fashionable to enhance the accompanying outfit or functional. The snow, rain and riding boots are the ones worn to protect the girl’s feet. These girls shoes are usually light, slick and waterproof which makes them great for protecting feet. For chilly days, girls can wear warm boots which are usually lined on the inside with insulating materials such as fur, and wool to keep the feet cozy. They also come in attractive bright colors and girlish prints such as hearts, flowers and stars to give them a lovely look.

Pretty Girl Shoes

Dance shoes are specifically meant for different types of dances and they include jazz, ballet, ballroom and tap shoes. These girl shoes are designed in a way that they facilitate the ease of movement when they are performing the dances.

Sneakers are also another type of girls shoes, and they are meant for exercises, sports or extensive walking. They are usually padded, flexible and comfortable and provide the best support for the feet during physical activities.


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