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Have you ever wondered why a woman does not admire a man even if he is suited way too nicely? Well, if you did wonder and haven’t found the answer to this question, the answer is simple! It is the shoes he is wearing. In order to stay updated, you should know all about mens shoes. In addition to the variety available in women's shoes, mens shoes are also widely available.


Let’s go back to 60s mens shoes where we had seen men wearing moccasins. Moccasins were considered as a perfect addition to wardrobes and they were a symbol of designer shoes at that time. Moreover, Chelsea boots were worn most commonly by the younger generation, and they became the talk of the town due to the Beatles. This boot is a bit triangular in shape. Later in the 60s, Cuban heels became quite popular. Not only this, we had in town the cowboy boot as well; which again became the talk of the town due to the Beatles. Interestingly, by 1972, Platform soles which were actually made for women in the 60s, were taken by men but gradually this sole fashion died and in came the oxford and loafer styles for men. However, cowboy boots continued to be in fashion but with some changes. They were worn with good high heels, and some of the boots had embroidery on them. When the era of the 80s came, we saw that for business, oxford, brogue and loafer styles became popular. They mostly came in blacks and browns. For leisurewear, there were desert boots that made a place in the fashion industry. Not only that, we had Doc Martens in 1980s too!


While you style yourself, are you sure you wear the right mens shoes? You should be very careful in selecting the shoes. Black boots are always in. They never go out of fashion, no matter what. They describe the masculinity of a man. And with jeans, they look even better. Not only this, Oxford shoes are the ones that show the world that you are the man! And what is more special about the oxfords is its leather, the fine one that makes you look smart. Oxfords are the type of shoes that are suitable with almost anything. Therefore, buy a nice brown pair of oxfords to carry everywhere.

Tips and comments

While you plan to go out for a game or at work or just for getting refreshed, do take care of certain mens shoes while you get your feet in your shoes. First of all, try picking up the shoe that matches your pants or better pick up a bit darker shade of the shoe. Second, you should make sure that your socks are a suitable bridge between the shoes and the pants that you are wearing. Next, make the fitness of the shoe your priority, not style. Moving forward, a general piece of advice: Always have a pair of boots in your wardrobe, which is a great pair. Last but not the least, if you have unpleasant feet, avoid wearing sandals. If you are a sandal lover, make sure you don’t wear socks while you wear sandals.

By Amara, published at 02/29/2012
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