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Top 6 Shoes To Choose


Women can never have enough shoes in their closets. It’s like a staple for all of us. I particularly would like to write about women’s shoes because aside from their flexibility and their design, they offer us women, a great sense of pride and joy while wearing our favorite shoes. Some may be comfortable to wear while others live up to their brands as “killer shoes” as they literally expose its wearer to utmost danger due to its ridiculous forms and height. When you come to think of it, it’s buying the expensive pair of the most sought after Louboutins pumps, wearing it with such happiness that only a true shoe lover can feel. This season, we are once again mesmerized with the hottest trends of fashion. And what is fashion without the right pair of shoes? Even the most expensive dress will not look as such if not matched with the perfect shoes to go with it. So, for an average woman like me, trying to identify the top 6 shoes to choose would be like choosing my favorite desserts. No need to think hard.


Before going into more details, it’s good to try to look into the history of our footwears. It has been known that these top 6 shoes has been a part of the human history. In early age, it has been used merely for its basic purpose which is to protect our feet, as early mankind literally roamed the earth not with sneakers but with animal skins and other organic materials found anywhere. As the years go by, footwears have exceeded it’s purpose of just protecting the soles. Slowly there has been some distinctions as royalties begun wearing more extravagant and heeled designs while the slaves “kept their foot on the ground” by wearing flats. Until the Greeks made a breakthrough and officially high heeled shoes were introduced to the world. There was this worldwide craze about the high heels that even men wore them. Shoes have continually evolved since then. Probably that time, owning more than a pair of shoes must be a prestige. I could imagine the same craze for shoes like now, that they might have been also asked to identify their favorite pairs or probably their top 6 shoes (or more)!


I might be overly focused on ladies shoes here, and why not? I’m also a shoe lover. I belonged to the generation where availability of design and affordability on costs is on hand. Thanks God, with a few bucks, I could buy myself some good quality shoes with practically all available features in the market. My first on the list of the top 6 shoes to choose is my heeled shoes, specifically the wedge type. Have recently bought one for a cousins wedding and I loved it! It’s 3 inches high but does not feel like super high for a heavy built framed woman that I am because it’s a wedge heeled shoes. Second on my list would be my flats, closed shoes flats in all available colors. Dark shiny ones for the office and some colorful and playful designs for my casual flats. Next would be my sneakers which I wear for casual trips and while vacationing for that cool, casual and light feeling. I don’t wear the heavy bulk sneakers, just the light ones in basic color of white or beige. I could include in my list my espadrilles. These are flat shoes also but made of cloth material and some organic abaca sole lining and thin rubber insoles. I could include in the list my boots which I only wear like a few times. And last on my list would be my open toed sandals that I also love to wear.

For some simple tips on buying shoes? They say its best to buy the shoes in the afternoon because by then your feet are in their right size. Usually in the morning they are smaller. I’m not sure about this but it has become my practice already. For short women, it’s still best to wear the right pair of heels. Makes you feel sexier and taller. Always go for comfort but it’s good also to sometimes to get out of comfort zone by experimenting on colors and styles. Classic designs are of course classic. They never go out of trend. Buy a pair or two.

Tips and comments

These might not be the extravagant designer shoes that I choose to feature but it’s based on my own real life choices. After all, I could only share what I actually wear. The Louboutins ,Prada, Nine West and other expensive designer shoes will be there to inspire women like me, who might not be able to afford it now but in the near future. Who knows? I could own more than 6 shoes!

By kaye :), published at 02/29/2012
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