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About Keen Shoes


Keen shoes are a fairly recent concept. Keen shoes were basically designed for the comfort of the toes. There are a lot of shoes that focus on the comfort of the heels, of the feet in general, but nothing focused specifically on the toes until keen shoes came along. They are designed to make sure your toes don’t make you cry. Comfort comes first for everyone and no one should compromise on it


The keen shoes concept was introduced by Mr. Martin Keen. Keen shoes are basically sandals that have a thick black covering right at the front, for the toes. These shoes are known for casual comfort, and are very practical. People who are very active and athletic usually preferred these shoes, for their indoor, outdoor and water activities. But now they have spread to more and more people, who might not even use it for athletic purposes. Keen shoes are now big with everyone. Even people who have a job that makes them indulge in a lot of physical activity like to wear keen shoes.


Keen shoes aren’t just limited to the usual styles of footwear that they started off with initially. Now they have been improvised and incorporated in various designs of footwear. Keen shoes are now available in pumps, sneakers etc. Keen shoes are water proof and are known to withstand anything literally. They protect your feet, not just from water, but also dirt. One of the other things that keen shoes are really appreciated for is the fact that they are washable. When you wash them, there will be no hanging them in the sun for days so they dry up, and no shrinking, since they are made up of thick rubber usually. Keen shoes are also best for having a very nice design. They aren’t sneakers but yet they are sneakers, since they have a very rugged design yet they are striking. Keen shoes can be worn with all sorts of outfits, not just with track suits, but also jeans and other casual and semi-formal outfits. People who have worn keen shoes for ages now, also claim that another benefit of these shoes, is that they don’t smell. No matter how much your feet sweat, and no matter what extent of physical activity you were involved in, they won’t stink, because of the material they are made up of. Keen shoes have a very nice and strong lace system which Is very quick and gives the feet a very nice grip.

Tips and comments

Now when you are out to buy your pair of keen shoes, make sure you get the right size, since people are known to get a bigger size that has more air and space. But bear in mind that that’s not the right criteria for keen shoes. Keen shoes are supposed to snuggle your feet, so they are supposed to be tight. You won’t feel the need to wear socks with these shoes. So don’t worry about the shoes being too tight for you to wear them with socks.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/29/2012
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About Keen Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.