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Best Shoes For the River


When one decides to go for water activities or has plans that involve water, you have to make sure you have the right apparel. If you aren't wearing the right apparel, your whole plan or trip might be spent very uncomfortably. When you are going close to the river shoes need to be appropriate, otherwise, you just might not get the feel of the trip. Comfortable river shoes are important if you want the perfect fit you got to choose the right shoe for yourself

River shoes have been improvised, over the years and then they have been made to be the most comfortable and the most durable. The river shoes are supposed to protect the person, from the stones, and the gravels and other sediments found in the rivers. If they can't protect your feet from these sediments, then you are definitely not wearing the right shoes.

The types of shoes, that one can wear, firstly, if it's not very cold, and your attire is also somewhat the same. If you are wearing, shorts, t-shirts and p-caps, then you should opt for the sport sandals. These are basically, flip flops that have straps. They are very comfortable river shoes, and that way, you can enjoy the water as well. This is a very good way to avoid, soggy socks and wet sneakers. But then again, these river shoes are best for a place that is not very cold. The other river shoes, that one can wear, are the water booties. These water shoes are made with special materials.

The material that is used with these booties is the same material that is used for the swimsuit that is made for the scuba divers. These river shoes aren't going to keep your feet dry or water-free. In fact no river shoe can guarantee your feet will remain dry. These shoes will provide warmth to an extent, and then protect the feet, and provide, a hard and soft surface for the feet to rest on and not get hurt, when there are stones, and gravel underneath your feet. Some water shoes include the booties that are knee high, they are high to make sure that the water doesn't enter the feet.

If you choose not to wear river shoes, then you can even go for the normal sneakers you have, but make sure, that those sneakers have holes in them for ventilation and to make sure the water doesn't gather up in the shoes and make your shoes, heavier and you will feel like you are carrying a lot of weight with each step.

Tips and comments

It's better to wear river shoes that are best suited for draining out the water, and have tight straps, that can keep the feet in grip. The material of the river shoes is very important, the material should never be leather, and leather would be a very bad choice. As leather will get heavier and shrink and encapsulate your feet tightly. That will be very uncomfortable for your whole trip or plan. The right material would be synthetic materials.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/28/2012
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Best Shoes For the River. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.