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What Is the Latest Fashion Of Boys Shoes


In today’s world, every bit of your attire counts towards your first impression. Be it a child, a young boy or a mature adult, no matter what your age, your outfit will be looked and judged by people and it is for this reason one should always be ready for the crowd. Boys shoes are something that are often neglected and not generally included in fancy apparel, however, they are one of the most important part of one’s clothing and should not be taken lightly. Boys shoes are now not just the same type of shoes as in the olden days; now there are many varieties to choose from and one can pick out different types of shoes according to the latest fashion trends.


Boys shoes were once considered to be simple and plain. There was barely any variety in the designs and most of the shoes were very similar to each other, thus making everyone’s lower attire next to same. However, all this has changed since recent times as boys and men’s clothing has truly been getting the attention it deserves and there has been an outbreak of different designs and fashions regarding men’s footwear. Kids and boys have undoubtedly benefited from this boom and their choice regarding shoes has also increased.


From slippers to flip-flops, from joggers to formal wear, boys shoes now have variety in almost every field imaginable. For everyday use, there are trendy and sporty trainers available. These are not only in style but also are very light and comfortable to wear. Suede and similar shoes are also great for everyday wear especially if the shoes are to be used often or in rough situations. Since boys are usually more outgoing, shoes that are slightly resistant to wear and tear are more ideal than others. Another important choice in everyday footwear is canvas shoes which are extremely comfortable, however, have to be used with caution as they are more or less cloth in nature and can rip or tear easily. Generally boys are more prone to wear sport shoes like joggers as they are not only resistant, but are very versatile, and are useful in every imaginable situation. Aside from everyday shoes, there is also a great variety of formal wear available for boys as one most definitely has to visit formal occasions and showing up in casual footwear is almost considered offensive! However, do not fear the formal shoes as they are no longer the uncomfortable beasts they once were. Some are even available without laces and are thus ideal for boys who prefer not to tie laces. Aside from these, there are the usual loafers and laced shoes which are a bit better known and common amongst the lads.

Tips and comments

With all these varieties and choices available amongst boys shoes, one can easily get confused about what to purchase. However, instead of following fashion trends, it is best to buy something that you feel comfortable in as it is after all, your foot which is going to stay in the shoe for long periods of time. So be smart when it comes to shoe shopping.

By Amara, published at 02/29/2012
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What Is the Latest Fashion Of Boys Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.