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How Women's Shoes Are Different From Men's Boots


Shoes are a protecting device and armor against the harsh elements of environment! They also add style to your outlook! The variety of today’s women’s shoes and boots is one example! Shoes have been evolved over time from the simplest two strapped sandals to more complex and decorated/ functional versions. Such as the many kinds of women’s shoes and boots! Shoes were not available to everyone but now, thanks to mass production, anyone can afford them.


The earliest pair of shoes found was from 3500 BC around Armenia in 2008! Shoes were mostly used in colder climates. In olden days no mind was given to the different shape for the left and right foot, those shoes were called ‘straights’. It was only with time that the sense of foot specific shape came into being. Earlier the soles were painstakingly sewed on to the shoes, but now machines have been put so that sewing or soles can just be glued on! But there is a difference between women’s shoes and boots and those of men’s.


Boots are a specific kind of shoe! It shelters the foot and the ankle and has a distinct heel. One reason how women’s shoes and boots are different from men’s is that men’s shoes are distinctive by their closed style. The many kinds of shoes for men include oxfords, bluchers, monk straps and slip-ons.

With the boots in a range of varieties such as; Ankle Boots, Chukkas, Cowboy Boots, Hiking Boots & Shoes, Knee-High Boots, Mid-Calf Boots, Motorcycle Boots, Rain Boots, Riding Boots, Winter Boots and Work Boots. Men’s ankle boots are a stylish alternative to the typical dress shoes that men are used to wearing. They do not only provide an elegant look to your outfit but add a little more style and class factor. The smooth edges of the upper ends make these boots suitable for casual dresses too.

Chukka boots, also known as ‘turf boots’ are also ankle high. They have two to three eyelets. These were more popular in the 50s and 60s. The modern cowboy boots for men are only calf high as compared to the older versions of knee highs.

These are designed with rounded toes as well as squared toes. Women get to have larger styles and types of shoes available with the men’s shoes also being counted as unisex. Women’s heels are the most popular kind of women’s shoes. They can be up to 2 inches high. The many types of heels include; kitty heels (one and a half to two inches high), wedge heels and stilettos. A sneaker boot is a more athletic version of dress boots but nonetheless it can be worn with a dress. Mules are shoes with no boundary around the sides and the heel.

Sling backs are shoes with a strap at the back of the shoe! Ballet flats are a more comfortable type that has very flat sole and a shorter vamp. And finally court shoes are formal slip-on type of shoes and ones with a relatively higher heel.

Tips and comments

The women are the luckier ones to have such a wide range of different types of shoes to choose from! As the men’s shoes are generally being accepted as unisex now. The basic difference in how women’s shoes and boots are different from men’s is just the amount of area that is exposed. With men’s boots mostly being closed and women’s shoes generally more open or exposing!

By Amara, published at 02/29/2012
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How Women's Shoes Are Different From Men's Boots. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.