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The Best Quality Leather Shoes

Published at 03/03/2012 01:13:13


A wardrobe is incomplete without leather shoes. It is a misconception that the same shoe can be worn on several occasions. The style of the shoes is dependent on the occasions you are going to attend. In office, you can’t wear trekking or jogging shoes or while trekking you can’t wear shoes that are meant for office. This difference must be kept in mind before purchasing shoes. Shoes leather is an important part of selecting shoes. Shoes leather makes your feet comfortable as well as stylish. Below, we are going to demystify the different shoes leather styles that can be a headache while purchasing shoes.

Oxfords originated in England; from there it has spread to all over the world. The shoes leather has closed lacing with low heel, which is made from non- rubber material. All the modern shoes use different types of synthetics to manufacture the sole. Few colors of this shoes leather are black, brown, chestnut and white. It can be worn on several occasions such as in office and semi-formal event. The color of the shoes varies from occasion to occasion. Black shoes are worn in the office while brown shoes are worn in semi-formal events.

Loafers are often considered stylish sport shoes. The styles of the loafers are distinguished with the absence of laces or buckles. It is made from leathers. They are a generally slip-on shoe, which means that you can put your feet in the shoes without the hassle of laces. It is flat and has a moccasin look on the top of it. Gucci is famous for manufacturing loafers, but they are too costly. You can search several websites and find loafers at a low price. Make sure the shoes leather are comfortable enough because without comfort these shoes are worthless and just a waste of money.

Cap toes are the modified version of the Oxfords. Since Oxfords doesn’t have a lot of style to offer it is often considered as simple shoes. If you want to have different styles on the top of the shoe then you can go for cap toes. Cap toes have additional stylish shoes leather on top of them. The extra portion of the cap toes shoe is clean, which means that it can be worn on several occasions. A good quality cap toes must be worn with high quality dress on an important event.

Boots are slim and cover the ankle because of its unique length. It also has a little bit of heel. Since the shoes are slim, it fits your feet comfortable and has a sound which no other shoes have. The shoes leather is highly polished which makes them very shiny. They are casual shoes which are worn with pair of jeans or casual dress pants.

Monk Strap shoes are also a variant of loafers without the laces. Loafers have a simple look whereas a monk strap shoe have a buckle and leather strap present on top of the shoe. The shoes leather is of high quality and is quite unique. It can be worn with pair of jeans or office pants.