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What You Should Know About Suede Shoes


People say that the types of shoes you wear define your personality. In order to enhance your personality you should consider buying shoes which would give you a classy look. The best option of such classy and sleek shoes is suede shoes. They add a sophisticated look to your personality and goes with formal wear as well as party dresses.

Suede shoes are available for both the genders. Suede is considered to be one the most comfortable materials used to make shoes and is amongst the favorites of shoe lovers. For the office environment most of the people generally prefer wearing suede shoes. Apart from the serious and dull ambiance of a workplace, these shoes are also perfect for parties and social gatherings.You can choose the best fit for yourself and flaunt it

Historically, shoes were made out of leather. It was in the mid-twentieth century that other materials such as plastic, rubber and synthetic cloth were used in the manufacturing of shoes. In 1970, Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto along with his colleagues produced the synthetic fabric "Suede" from microfibers. Suede can also be extracted naturally by leather that can be processed from animal hide and napped fish. The invention of Dr. Okamoto gave rise to the use of suede in the manufacture of shoes.

Since the use of suede in the making of shoes has begun, suede shoes have been gaining popularity. Whether you go for a formal suit or a casual party skirt, suede shoes would look just perfect with your attire. Shoe manufacturers offer a wide range of these shoes for both men and women for all types of occasions. These shoes are a bit expensive but they are expensive for a reason. The quality and durability these shoes provide is worth the price you pay for them.

You could buy one pair of suede shoes which matches with most of your dresses and even after half a year they would still be as classy and shiny as new ones provided you take proper care of them. It is essential that you properly clean these shoes. Remove dirt and stains with a piece of cloth. Using an old toothbrush, remove the dried soil. Using a few drops of a suede shoe polish, wipe your shoes with a cloth and with a brush afterwards to refurbish the glow, shine and freshness of your suede. It's just a matter of buying a few pairs of suede and you are set to go to your office and all the parties in the perfect shoe wear for a whole year.

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Imagine how you would not have to worry about buying a new pair of shoes every other month because your last pair broke. Imagine how you would always be able to show off your smooth and glossy shoes at every get-together. Imagine how your feet would never feel tired again in those flimsy and uncomfortable plastic made shoes. Imagine feeling great because you realize you got your money's worth. So get out there and get your ideal pair of shoes now!

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/29/2012
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